Saturday, October 17, 2009

The Sunday Salon: What We Read, Said & Wrote

I can honestly say something is always going on and I'm never bored. Finally got the news I was waiting for: I start a new job on Monday. Yay, for me. Of course, new job means changes like: long training days, long commute, family getting along just fine while I'm bumbling around in the concrete jungle in the city (one day, I'll have that dream cottage industry job sitting at my home desk).

More news: young women at the nonprofit asked me to supervise their work in the library for their recently awarded internships so we're meeting on Sunday to discuss their duties. I actually spent time reading this week and I have some fantastic titles in the wings. Currently reading A Map of Home. Quite a bit of language and candor which I enjoy but if you don't like swearing, might want to pass on this one though the writing and the story warrants a little tolerance in my opinion.

I've made another important decision: I'm going to attempt homeschooling and I should add I'm not pulling her out of school, but we will be doing some independent study at home. I don't think the kidlet is going to be thrilled but I've been troubled for weeks about what's happening- actually what's not happening at her high school. Add to that I have friends and cousins who home school and I'm impressed, envious really. And if that's not enough, in my reading, often the protagonists are schooled at home on some level. There are things I want my daughter to learn, explore and appreciate and she's not getting what I think matters at school. I'm no teacher but hey, we'll learn together and one thing I am good at is seeking out those who do know what I want to know (When I rant in the future, "What was I thinking?" gently encourage me that I said this really is going to be okay).

All right, on to community stuff. Great week at the post office. Can you say, mother load? Won't share everything today because the post would be ridiculously long. Do check out our New Crayons feature on Sunday. Win a few goodies yourself. You still have time to enter our Del Rio Bay and Mrs. O giveaways.

Can someone tell me why there are few links for CORA Diversity Roll Call? Can I entice you with our Prize Bucket? One participant will earn a free book. We want you to participate, people. Please.

This week for our Women Writers of Color Series, we have the accomplished, Zetta Elliott. Show some love to one of own (who's away in ole Canada for a wedding). While you're sending good vibes to Zetta, please share some with my Z, who is our feature poet for Poetry Friday with, "Life Was Sweeter Than Flies."

Let's talk about reviews. Yours truly managed to crank one out. I read Ms. Chin's, The Other Side of Paradise a couple of months ago, but I wasn't sure I could do it justice. Finally, I told myself just do it already. Someone who does know what she's doing, Doret reviewed The Hundred Thousand Kingdoms, a debut title by N.K. Jemisin. And we have a new reviewer, Tea. Tea reviewed First Crossing, a YA title that rounds outs a great week. Don't forget our quizzes. The end of the month is quickly approaching.

Whew, do you agree we had a full week? What happened in your world? What did you read? If you were as busy as I was, you might have not had time to hang out here. Hope TSS helps you zero in on items of interest.

Until next week, happy reading.


rhapsodyinbooks said...

Yay! Gazillion congratulations on starting this week on the new job! And all those other decisions: yes, very full week! Must be that new paint job! :--)

Eva said...

Congrats on your new job! :) I think the reason you're not getting lots of Roll Call participants is that a lot of people try to avoid weekly memes, or are already committed to as many as they can be. :( Are we allowed to simply answer the questions in the comments?

Color Online said...

Hi Eva,

I hear you. I cut back. CORA is bi-weekly. Even if participation is low, we'll keep doing them because we do get some great comments so yes, feel free to share here.


Doret said...

Yes, much congrats on the new job. So very happy for you.

I am guilty of not doing the Roll Calls recently. I will get back on the ball and do the problem novel roll call soon

MissAttitude said...

Congrats on getting a new job!!! *hug*
Check out my New Crayons post :)
Best of luck homeschooling your daughter! My mother and I would kill each other. I'm going to try and do the Roll Call this week.

susan said...

My daughter may want to kill me. lol

zettaelliott said...

Congrats on the new job, Susan! they're very lucky to have you on board...(as are we, and your daughter!)