Tuesday, October 13, 2009

First Crossing: New Beginnings

First Crossing
Donald R. Gallo
Reviewer: Tea

First Crossing edited by Donald R. Gallo is a book about teens who have lived in countries other than America. These teens come to America because their parents are wanting to live a better life for the sake of their children. Some teens have been adopted by Americans. Growing up in America makes them curious about their other homeland. These immigrants are heroes and heroines no matter what country or culture they leave. Coming to a new and strange part of the world is like a baby learning to walk again. It's frightening, exciting and confusing. Some teens become the parent while the parent becomes like a child. Children have to become translators of the English language in very important situations. Donald R. Gallo collected ten short stories by different authors. At the end of each story is a bio of the author. The bios of the authors are just as interesting as the stories.

I enjoyed First Crossing very much. One reason I liked this book is because it gave me a little knowledge about so many different countries: Venezuela, China, Mexico, Romania, Haiti and other countries. It was fun reading about Chinese New Year in January or February. I also discovered in one country a kind word about a meal is a compliment, but in another country that same compliment may be taken as an insult. While Americans think calling someone old is insulting in another country saying a person is old and fat is a compliment. Being slender is not complimentary. I also liked learning how difficult it is to learn a new language while trying with all your might not to talk in your family's original language. Whatever these teens do whether striving to learn English, become friends or looking for their biological families while loving their adopted families, life is tough and is very stressful. Just eating is an ordeal at times. One parent or grandparent kept the bought fish in the bathtub filled with water to keep the fish alive. To her, it was unthinkable to buy and eat a "dead" fish. I think books like this one give us a better understanding of different parts of the world and the people who grow up in different cultures. Donald R. Gallo helped me to understand the importance of respecting other people because they are different. Being different is not bad. Being different makes the world more fun, exciting and stimulates our hearts and minds.
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J.T. Oldfield said...

This sounds like a really good one. I've always liked reading about the experiences of immigrants coming from different places.