Saturday, October 17, 2009

Color Online Quiz: Literature and Women Studies

Quiz #76
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Kristin Hunter

one of the earliest attempts to realistically depict the black urban experience, is [Hunter's ] most famous example of young adult fiction. This novel gained her recognition as a gifted author of young adult literature. In this work, [she]tells the story of a juvenile gang that forms a music group in order to escape the violence within their community.

I read this book when I was a child. One of my favorite and often cited quotes is by this author, but I didn't know the significance of her body of her work until now when I was looking for a question for today. Thanks, Jill.


rhapsodyinbooks said...

Kristin Hunter

Color Online said...


Folks only stand a chance when you're not online.

I got a dated, hard copy recently. I couldn't believe it. I rarely re-read, but I'm going to read this, hoping I remember the story and maybe, I'm hoping I remember why the book stuck with me.

Thanks, Jill.