Friday, October 16, 2009

Poetry Friday: Life Was Sweeter Than Flies

Her cold hands, against my still body feel so uncomfortable.
But it doesn’t matter because I am no longer living.
I can remember what my days were like,
all up to the point I was murdered
for some useless biology class.
In the forest I was the mother of three tadpoles, my life was great.
I had everything I ever wanted:
nice lily pad, a great mate and friends.

Life was sweeter than flies.
But then a noise- footsteps shook my world.
I panicked, my heart rate skyrocketed.
Fear and anxiety took over like mosquitoes take summer.
"They're here, they’re coming!" I screamed.
But the human didn’t care about me.
I became worthless; nothing mattered.
I knew the end was near.
This warm-blooded hand grabbed me.
With the press of something stinging me, I felt dizzy.
I knew it was over.

My freshman daughter is learning to use poetry devices. Can you pick them out? Initially she thought using devices was difficult enough but the English teacher also required that they used an inanimate object from the book Speak, which they recently read.

I waited patiently for a request for help (yeah, right) and offered a few suggestions and then honestly, I backed up and told her she could do this. She did. I'm a proud momma. Laura Salas hosts this week's Poetry Friday.


rhapsodyinbooks said...

I like this! But it's a lily pad by the way, not a lillie pad!

Color Online said...

Oh, I should have caught that. Thanks, Jill.

drama queen said...

Well, I'm glad you like it.