Sunday, October 11, 2009

New Crayons: What's New On Our Shelves

Remember when you were a kid and getting new crayons was a big deal? Getting new books holds the same kind of magic for some of us big kids. Every week on Sunday, I post what's new in our box. I think crayons is a pretty cool metaphor for multicultural lit. Every week we receive a book is a good week.

Here's what's new on our shelves:

Thanks to Olugbemisola Rhuday Perkovich for sending us a copy of her new middle grade novel, 8th Grade Super Zero. If you don't Gbemi, check her out on Twitter and AuthorsNow!

Reginald Garvey McKnight created a superhero character in kindergarten; now he dreams of being a real-life leading man: The Guy who's got game and gets The Girl. Instead, he threw up on the first day of school. In front of everyone. Seventh grade has gone downhill ever since. Now Reggie can't even look The Girl in the eye, and his former best friend is bent on shredding his already tattered reputation. Read Gbemi's interview at Miss Snark's First Victim.

Author Angelia Vernon Menchan was very generous and sent us mulitple books. The writer seems to be quite prolific. Watch our Prize Bucket to see all of her titles. For here, I'll mention her novel, Mrs. Black and her inspiration poetry, Ramblings. I met Angelia through RAWSISTAZ, an online book club founded by Tee C. Royal ten years ago. Because of Tee's commitment to promoting African American authors, we have another wwoc among us. Check out Ms. Vernon Menchan.

Will Malcolm Black finally get the woman of his dreams or will he tire of waiting and find someone else to be Mrs. Black. Will William Brown finally get his comeuppance and have to pay the piper or will Cinnamon Brown find it in her heart to forgive and look the other way one more time? Will Cinnamon finally choose Malcolm Black, or will she stay with William Brown no matter what....or will she relax and let them both go. Mrs. Black answers these questions and more. Center City's major players are about to shake things up and get shook!

If you read our Sunday Salon, you know I received Paula Chase's entire Del Rio Bay series. One lucky winner will win the entire collection. Comment to this thread or any post published this week and you'll earn 5 extra entries now. Leave link to bonus points entry here. Bonus points only offered until 11pm tonight. Stay tune for more details.


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