Friday, December 31, 2010

Happy Birthday: Hiromi Goto

Hiromi Goto's -WWOC, She is one of the few author's that list her year of birth. Our gift to the author is a look back on what people have said about her YA debut Half World

Bernie Goedhart's review
Canadian illustrator Jillian Tamaki’s spectacular cover art first drew me to Half World. Neil Gaiman’s testimonial on the front cover prompted me to open the book and start reading.

I’m glad I did.

Author Hiromi Goto, born in Japan and now living in Burnaby, B.C., has created a story that is complex, unsettling (sometimes downright stomach-churning), thought-provoking and not an easy read. For those who stay with it, however, the results are rewarding.

Zetta Elliott
Have you ever stopped reading a book because you couldn’t bear for it to end? That was my experience reading Hiromi Goto‘s Half World. I was on the train and I was totally absorbed in the narrative—would Melanie make it across the bridge of crows? Would she find the nerve to bite off the baby’s finger to pay the toll and open the portal? This book is intense—yet it’s also funny at times, and poignant at others.

Hiromi, I am very happy Ari introduced you and your work to Color Online. On behalf of everyone at CO - Happy Birthday and Happy New Year


MissA said...

So I gave my sister this book to read first an I'm convinced she's drawing out her reading experience just to torture me!

Also, double congratulations are in order because it was just announced that Hiromi won the Carl Brandon Society Parallax world for Half World!!

The Mrs. said...

I found your site last week. This is an awesome space!!!!