Thursday, December 30, 2010

Happy Birthday :Jennifer Cervantes

Jennifer Cervantes did WWOC, that's how I know today is her birthday. Our gift to the author, a look back at what people have said about her wonderful middle grade debut Sun Torilla.

Mother Daughter Book Club review
Tortilla Sun had me longing to see the Sandia Mountains, feel the warmth of the sun and hear the call of the wind. New Mexico comes as vividly alive as the bright colors worn by many of its people. This book is recommended for ages 9 to 12, but I think girls up to 14 or 15 may enjoy it too. And the moms are likely to be delighted by Izzy’s journey of self-discovery. Issues to discuss include family heritage, ethnic traditions, dealing with grief and finding acceptance.

Lyn Miller-Lachmann's review @ Readergirlz
"Cervantes’s debut novel reveals the rich fabric of the community and a spunky and appealing protagonist. Izzy’s energy and impatience ring true, as well as her feeling of being out of sync with the village at first. The same feeling of being at odds with her surroundings helped to drive away Izzy’s mother, but the youngster’s desire to connect with her past bonds her to people with whom she otherwise has little in common. Cervantes uses elements of magic realism as markers of the characters’ emotional transformation in a way that is subtle and natural. Most compelling, though, is the connection between the athletic, tomboyish Izzy to the father she never knew, a promising baseball player until the tragedy that took his life."

Pamela Kramer's reveiw @ Examiner
Some books grab you like a locomotive and you cling on for your life as the story roars down the track--and you can't let go. Other books, like Tortilla Sun, are like a cup of cocoa on a cool evening--to be sipped slowly while enjoying the fragrant aroma and sweet taste.

Sun Tortilla was one of my favorite debuts of the year. On behalf of everyone at Color Online, Enjoy your day and have a very Happy New Year. And more stories please.

Feliz Cumpleanos

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