Sunday, February 21, 2010

The Sunday Salon: Your Story

Everyone of us is a wonder. Everyone of us has a story.
~Kristin Hunter
American writer

Hello all and welcome back to our weekly salon. This week it's about you. When do we think about our stories?

If you or someone else were to write your story, what would be the best format: novel, contemporary fiction, poetry or biography/memoir. Possible titles for your story? How about a brief annotation?

If you can’t think about your story, and I really hope you try, name a member whose story you’d like to read. Tell us why you'd want to read the member's story. Give the format and possible titles.

For members who are not currently engaged in the writing life, have you ever dreamed of writing? What kind of writing, what holds you back?

Today, I'm going to hold back my response. I really want to hear about you. Take a few minutes or a few days. Take time to reflect on how you see your life. Your story is worth hearing. This is warm, communal space. We want to hear your story.


hcmurdoch said...

I am definitely not a writer, so this will never come to fruition, but I would call my book "The Good Girl" since I spend much of my life trying to be good: at what I do , in my behavior, in my work, etc. Now that that's written down it sounds so bad and boring, but it isn't. Just a lot of work some times.

Color Online said...

Hi Helen,

What kind of book would it be? Being good, you've probably impacted others in a way they appreciate and have benefited from.

Thanks for participating.

hcmurdoch said...

I guess my book would be contemporary fiction, but based on my life. A girl/woman's story of always being "good" and trying to make it work for her and what she needs.

Lu @ Regular Rumination said...

For my poetry class, we had to make a portfolio. It didn't necessarily have to be about ourselves, but it's what I know best right? So I ended up writing a collection of poems that used biblical stories to tell my personal story. A bit sacrilegious I know, but I really love what I wrote that year. The title of the collection is Aeromancy, which is a play on religion and "looking to the heavens" because it is literally looking to the heavens to tell the future through cloud formations and such. Many of my poems are about my family and though I am not a religious person in any way, the Catholic tradition greatly shaped how I grew up to view the world. There is a lot of superstition and a lot of guilt and it made sense to write about my life that way!

Color Online said...


Any chance we can read some of it?

readerbuzz said...

I'd love to see my story written as a poem.

Ali said...

I've honestly never been tempted to write my own story. I much prefer to leap outside reality in my writing. But, I think it would be fun to read a graphic novel of my life, so I guess I'd pick that, if someone else could illustrate.

Vasilly said...

Once upon a time I thought of writing a memoir. I would love to see my life in memoir format. Possible title: Lit since I love literature and it's something that's been constant in my life.

Ah Yuan // wingstodust said...

If I ever wrote my story, it'd be written in a series of those self-reflective essays wherein I go overly indulgent on my metaphoric descriptions and completely out of chronological order. Or, just very loosely interconnected stories on the various little moments of my life thus far. It'll be influenced by the setting and the people in my life. I guess, in other words, very abstract type writing. Not sure how readable that kind of story would be, but there it goes. ^^;

Jessie Carty said...

as i type this i realize that my first full length poetry collection is going to be in pre-order soon! ah reality check that people will be reading - well - about me.

many of my poems are autobiographical which holds true for the book but they aren't all. i think that is why i have never really sat down to work on memoir because it is hard to decide what is "true" to the story i want to tell.

that being said. the title of the somewhat autobiographical poetry collection is "Paper House"

great topic!

susan said...

I want a copy. We need to talk.

Sometimes I think about my formative years. I'd like to write about that time in my life. Likely a collection of essays or YA. Possible title: Corduroys and Sponge Rollers

Jessie Carty said...

Susan - love that potential title :) Feel free to drop me and email and we can work something out.

prashant said...

you've probably impacted others in a way they appreciate and have benefited from.

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