Saturday, October 24, 2009

Sunday Salon: What We Read, Said & Wrote

Hello all, let me begin by apologizing for the light week here. If you read last week, you know I started a new job. I am enjoying it but between getting acclimated to my new schedule, commuting again and learning new material, I also fell ill. One day was really awful but I suffered through the day and spent that night and every night since, coming home, eating dinner and going to bed really early. I'm feeling better, but the combination of activity and illness resulted in my absence here.

Here's to more and better things this coming week. One good pick-me-upper was the amount of mail waiting for me at our PO box. Very good week, let me tell you: a few review copies, a copy of Paper Towns by John Green for the Pass-it-On challenge and thanks to author, L.M. Preston for sending us a copy of Explorer X-Alpha. See New Crayons this evening for details.

Very happy I did post our COLA feature last week. We spotlighted Amy Bowllan from School Library Journal. Amy has done an amazing job with the Writers Against Racism series. If you don't know about Amy or the series, I encourage you to check both out soon.

Well, my daughter was just fine with homeschooling and blogging about it. Of course, she knows how I can be with projects, too; I wonder if she's thinking this won't last long. I think it's going to last longer than she's hoping. Look for us both to share our adventures at Homeschool Drama, the blog. Our first read is Liar.

Deadlines for giveaways are quickly approaching. Today is the last day to enter the Mrs. O Giveaway at Black-Eyed Susan's. Last date to enter at Color Online is the 29th. Don't forget our Del Rio Bay Giveaway, deadline is October 30th. Last quiz for this month will post 29th. Check the Prize Bucket for new additions.

Thanks to Zetta, I discovered a lit resource new to me, ALAN. Every month they post their picks of the month and for October, A Wish After Midnight made the list. For more cool links, check out Little Lov'n Monday at Black-Eyed Susan's. Please drop a link, too.

How was your week? What did you read? Pick up a book. Happy reading.


Anonymous said...

Take care of yourself!! A new job is a little stressful with a change in daily schedule, not to mention the learning curve!
And take care of your 'baby'! Will you be blogging here or creating another blog?

Color Online said...

We're creating a new blog. As if I need another blog, I opted for a separate space because everything connected with our studies would be in one place and they wouldn't be competing with features here. I do think there will be some cross posting.

We came up with the name together.

Bonnie Norman said...

Sorry to hear you've been feeling bad, hope this coming week gets better for you. Starting a new job can really throw things out of whack.