Monday, October 19, 2009

COLA: Amy Bowllan

Blog name: Bowllan's Blog @

Blogger: Amy Bodden Bowllan

Blog Origination date: May 2005

Focus: Education, Books, Technology, Resources, News for Parents

Regular features: Writers Against Racism Series

Pub schedule. How frequently do you update your blog? Five days a week

Post of note, something in particular you want readers to check out:
Readers who are new to my blog should definitely check out the Writers Against Racism series. This series is a collective voice of writers and educators who share their experiences with racism, and explore solutions in the comments section.

50 words or less how would you describe your blog: Over the years, Bowllan's Blog has evolved organically and positively serves as a living, breathing resource for the global community. With a readership that spans both locally and abroad, Bowllan's Blog meets the needs of all cultures.

What do you hope readers will gain, find or enjoy because they've visited your blog? Everyone who visits my blog, no matter where they reside in the world, immediately becomes a part of a community of learners. Readers from all walks come to Bowllan's Blog to discuss and learn about issues that impact their lives. The joy of reading and learning about these perspectives opens our eyes to new discoveries in this ever changing world we live in.

Thanks, Amy.


Amy Bowllan said...

Thanks for allowing me to share the W.A.R. series and my blog with your readers! I am deeply moved and will continue the mission with the help of the writers who have been so forthcoming.

zettaelliott said...

Many thanks to Amy for making her blog a home for constructive conversations around race.

Doret said...

W.A.R. is a wonderful and much needed series.

Olugbemisola (Mrs. Pilkington) said...

The W.A.R series has been amazing. Thanks so much, Amy, for the great blog -- you highlight important issues in a thoughtful way.

Color Online said...

Hi all,

Amy is amazing and what she contributes to the blogging community is invaluable.

Sorry for my absence this week. Started new gig and I was quite busy and exhausted after marathon training sessions.

Look for great updates this weekend and cheer me on as I prepare articles in advance for the coming week.