Friday, June 19, 2009

Welcome to The Sunday Salon. We all have busy lives so it's unlikely you're able to come and read each time we publish a new article. Come here on the weekend and find a recap of the week's postings.

Please welcome and read, Color Online's newest guest reviewer, Tarie from Into The Wardrobe. This week Tarie reviews, The Year of the Rat by Grace Lin.

Camile is a hot mess. Check out "With Great Power." It's not enough that she has her own special chair here, Camile insisted I get personal so this week, I introduced, "Susan Says" my new weekly column where you'll hear me share the chattering in my head: Have you heard the adage, “The personal is political”? I’m about action, about connection. Damn what you’re sayin’, how you livin’? Books opened worlds to me. In them I heard my story and my voice and when heard my own voice, I found my power. Reading empowers us.

Have you posted to or read our Color Online quiz? They're fun. They informative. And you earn a chance to win a free book. Don't know the answer, google. The goal is to learn.

Ali has posted our current CORA Diversity Roll call. June is desginated Gay Pride Month. Let's celebrate by spotlighting fantastic LBGTQ literature. You have from now until July 2, to drop us a link.
Our current, "What Do I Read Next?" title is Kinky Gazpacho by Lori Tharps. If you haven't read it, pick it up. Lori also hosts great discussions on diversity and multiculturalism at My American Meltingpot.

Check out New Crayons. Each Sunday, I post what new books we put on our shelves. Find new reads and tell us what you've picked up at the library, bookstore or received in the mail.

Thanks to all of you who have blogged about and supported our Color Online Summer Book Drive. We're at the midway mark. Books are coming in. Many on our wish list have not been selected yet. Please take time to check out our wish list at Powell's. We warmly welcome your gently used books, too.

Last but not least, we are political here. If you're so inclined, join me in showing support for the current opposition in Iran. If you tweet, put a green overlay on your avatar. Click image to access. For Poetry Friday, I posted, "Freedom" by Khaled Mattawa. I hope you enjoy it.

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