Saturday, June 27, 2009

Color Online Quiz: Literature & Women Studies

Quiz #50
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Elizabeth Bird wrote: The book is particularly good at showing the reader that particular kind of pain that comes with living with someone (in this case, a parent) that exudes certainty and righteousness at all times. Once you hit a certain age you think that you'll never be able to do enough to please them.

The Rock and The River by Kekla Magoon. Thanks, Francis. Check out Francis L. Holland.

This YA historical novel about growing up during the civil rights period is far from the standard spin on racism is bad, herosism is admirable. Strides are made. This intimate account about two brothers and their prominent father is intimate, engrossing and a rare look at the Black Panthers that talks about their core aims and message.

Who is the author and what is the title?


Francis Holland said...

The book is "The Rock and the River" by Kekla Magoon. This really interesting book is available at Amazon.Com, for as little as $0.90 cents plus postage used, and there's a good review of it at Publishers Weekly. But, if you go to Amazon, you can read some of the book there and see how compelling the writing is, looking at 1960's Black struggles and protests from a vulnerable and sensitive child's perspective.

Color Online said...

Hi Francis,
I read and reviewed the book. :-) You can find a review at The HappyNappy Bookseller, too.

Surprised a used copy is available so soon. We have the book in our library. Thanks for participating.

Francis Holland said...

Actually, I'm hoping you'll send me a copy of this book, because I live in Brazil and places like tack on like fifteen dollars extra postage and handling to ship overseas. Some of their resellers (the ones who sell books for a dollar plus three or four dollars shipping and handling within the United States) don't even ship overseas.

Color Online said...

Keep participating and we can discuss how I can send you a book. Shipping overseas is prohibitive for me as well. I have passion but shallow pockets. :-)