Sunday, June 28, 2009

The Sunday Salon: What We Wrote, Read & Said

Welcome to The Sunday Salon. We all have busy lives so it's unlikely you're able to come and read each time we publish a new article. Come here on the weekend and find a recap of the week's postings.

Monday begins the summer program at AFG, the non-profit where I volunteer. I'll be meeting with the coordinator and then with the girls about what we have to offer at the library. To see what we've shelved recently check our NewCrayons post on Sunday. Find great multicultural literature for children, YA and adults. And tell us what you got new.

It's quickly become clear you can count on Camile Ryerson to provide insightful commentary that is the right balance of fact and humour. Camile has a distinct way of blending family matters with social and political issues. Check out her, "Putting Away My Blinders." Camile's articles are published every Wednesday.

For my post, I’m focusing on my YA hero, Interested in finding new YA featuring African American leads? Check out my feature on YA author, Jacqueline Woodson for CORA Diversity Roll Call. Ms. Woodson is my favorite author in this genre. I hope you enjoy it and find new reads, too. I've included a link to Worducopia where Ali is hosting the meme this week.

Have you read any Nalo Hopkinson's work? Read Bonnie Norman's review of Brown Girl In the Ring. I enjoyed the novel and Bonnie's review. Hoping we get more of Ms. Hopkinson's work in our library soon.

For Poetry Friday, we featured "Camden, New Jersey" by Kate Rushin. Get your poetry groove on. Why not join us? You'll find the summer shedule of hosts at Crossover. Share a little poetry.

Only a few days left to get your name in the monthly drawing for our Color Online Quiz. It's too easy. Answer the quiz, correctly and you're in. There are unanswered questions. Check the sidebar and try your luck. Who doesn't want a free book?

Have you checked our "What Do I Read Next?" Don't miss out on your next read. Sidebar images are links. For more reviews and my essays, check me out at Black-Eyed Susan's. Happy reading.


Francis L. Holland Blog said...

Thanks for visiting my blog and commenting favorably on the amazing determination of eight year old Jean Paul Diaz to win speed skating medals in a traditionally white sport.

Anonymous said...

Can't wait to find some Jacqueline Woodson to read!

Eva said...

I'm getting Hopkinson's New Moon's Arms from the library today. :) I already had it on my Caribbean Challenge list, but youre review of Brown Girl in the Ring made me decide to read it this month!

Oh, and I'm getting The House You Pass On Your Way By (is that the right title? It's a Woodson GLBT, but I'm awful at long titles!)