Monday, March 28, 2011

Hello Kitty Must Die - Angela S. Choi

Hello Kitty Must Die by Angela S. Choi
28 yr old Fiona Yu is a corporate lawyer, living with her parents in San Fransisco. Fiona hates the hello kitty stereotype, a well mannered Asian American woman. The story begins with Fiona having made the decision to take her own virginity. Yes, it sounds strange because it is. This is actually mentioned in the book summary. I didn't know how this scene was going to materilize but my continuing to read would depend it.

Fiona was still a virgin at 28 in an effort to respect her parents wishes. Finally tired of the importance placed on a woman's virginity, Fiona decides to make a statement.

"I had conquered myself. I wanted to carve a notch on my own headboard. I had picked my own cherry. I had been deflowered by my own hand. I would forever own myself, my honor, my all. My virginity will always be mine.

I grabbed a piece of square cotton gauze quickly and readied myself to soak up my family's honor. I wanted to capture every drop like that man did in Memoirs of a Geisha. The collector with his glass vials of Asian virginity in his black bag. I would be my own collector. A collection of one.

When Fiona discovers she doesn't have a hymen, she feels cheated. Fiona makes an appointment with a Dr. Sean Killroy, who specializes in hymen restorations.

Fiona realizes she once knew the doctor, as Sean Deacon in middle school. The two were friends until Sean sent away for setting a girl on fire. Sean tells Fiona not to waste her time with the surgery. Fiona and Sean fall into an easy friendship. Soon Fiona figures out that Sean is also a serial killer. They never talk about this part of his life. As a criminal lawyer Fiona knows never to asks questions she doesn't want the answers to. Fiona learns a few things from her old new friend. Fiona's father sets her up on blind dates with Chinese man she has no interest in. The dates never go well.

There are probably several reasons why I should'n't like Fiona but there's something about her. As much as I enjoyed this story I know its not for everyone. Looking at other reviews, I noticed some readers didn't care for Fiona's negative stereotypical view of Asian men. I can see where they are coming from but I am still pro Fiona. Since the whole novel is a bit over the top and should not be taken seriously. The one non Asian male was a serial killer with issues.

Hello Kitty Must Die was a lot of fun and very entertaining. A great choice for anyone who enjoys dark humor.


MissA said...

Every since you threw down your 10 female mystery authors of color challenge I've been drawn to the books. I'm thinking I should start with this one. I like stories that are funny and over the top, especially when they are mysteries. Suspense and fun is better than dry and scary (for me)!

Doret said...

I was able to check this out from the library.

With the serial killer and the strange/ over topness of this story, I couldn't help but think about Slice of Cherry.

This is perfect for fans of Dia Reeves.