Monday, April 25, 2011

Bollywood Babes - Narinder Dhami

Bollywood Babes by Narinder Dhami
14 yr old Geena, 12 yr old Amber and 11 yr old Jazz are sisters and very close. In Bindi Babes their Auntie from India moved to England to look after them. After the sisters stopped trying to marry Auntie off, everyone got along.

Auntie agreed to help put on a Bollywood party to raise money for the girls school. The sisters find out Molly Mohal, a former Bollywood star is living very close to them. Amber is the sister with the great ideas. These schemes never work out but the sister's still try. That's part of the fun and the charm.

This time Amber thinks it would be a great a idea to invite Molly Mohal to be a guest of honor at the Bollywood party. When they find Molly, she's about to get evicted. Amber invites her to stay with them. The former Bollywood star is still a diva, and all the women in the house want her to leave. Especially Auntie, Molly's wearing all of her good clothes. All the men are wowed by Molly. Even the girls dad is acting different.

This is the second book in this series. I enjoyed this one even more and now it's offical I love this series. Dhmai's created some wonderful characters. The sisters play off of each other very well. Auntie can hold her own with them as well.

I love that the author takes the time to develop a few secondary storylines that will continue throughout the series. Allowing for the surrounding characters to play a larger roll. When I picked up Bollywood Babes I was excited to enter the sisters world again. You can read this first but I highly recommend starting with Bindi Babes. This is great tween chick lit fun. 11up

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