Monday, August 2, 2010

Summer Fun on the Block

Around Our Way On Neighbors' Day by Tameka Fryer Brown illus. Charlotte Riley-Webb

It's nice summer day, a girl enjoys a neighborhood get together. She does many things including jump double dutch, chase after the ice man, watches boys play basketball and eat foods as diverse as the people in her community. Brown does a beautiful job showing the happiness and joy of the people on neighbors' day. As well as the togetherness of the community.

"Blue sky, no clouds. No one stares. Or cares That loud music blares. Hustle bustle, salsa sway. Wild day, around our way."

Riley Webb's colorful illustrations bring life to the neighborhood. Around Our Way On Neighbors' Day is a rhythmic story. Writing such a story not easy. One word can throw off an entire verse.

At times I do feel Brown used words that hurt the flow of the story. Though overall this is very good picture book debut, that's well worth reading. I especially loved the portrayal of a diverse community. I look forward to reading more books by Tameka Fryer Brown.

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