Monday, August 30, 2010

NOTORIOUS, by Kiki Swinson

“If you have any information about this murder, please contact Norfolk Police Department at 1-800-LOCK-U-UP,” the woman urged. (p. 136)

Notorious, an adult fiction from acclaimed author Kiki Swinson, is the sequel to the best-selling Playing Dirty published in April 2009. Yoshi, a once big shot attorney falsely accused of murder, finds herself on the run in the countryside and forced to adopt a lifestyle at the opposite of the luxury she experienced in Miami. An attitude and witty narrative voice set Yoshi apart. It is interesting to see a softer side of her emerge as she witnesses unsettling scenes of violence, scenes which include a murder that puts her and her newfound loved ones in danger.

Notorious opens with a narration of events that took place in the previous book, and that potentially alters the reading experience of one eager to follow up on the cliffhanger and to plunge without delay into Yoshi’s new troubles. Beyond that and despite a drastic (too drastic?) personality change in Yoshi, Kiki Swinson writing style takes the reader on a fast paced journey.

The first time reader should be aware that Notorious deals with drug dealers and life in the ‘hood, and as such is authentically seasoned with a generous foul language and detailed sex scene.


Lu @ Regular Rumination said...

Fun Fact: That actually is the hotline number for the Norfolk police department! Is it set in VA?

Anonymous said...

Hi, Lu! Yes, the story is set in Norfolk, VA. :)