Friday, February 19, 2010

Poetry Friday: Lucille Clifton

gloria mundi

so knowing,
what is known?
that we carry our baggage
in our cupped hands
when we burst through the waters of our mother.
that some are born
and some are brought
to the glory of this world.
that it is more difficult
than faith
to serve only one calling
one commitment
one devotion
in one life.

from The Book of Light. Copper Canyon Press. 1993


tanita✿davis said...

Thank you. We are Lucille Clifton all over the blogosphere today for Poetry Friday, and it is a good thing to know that she was so loved.

Kelly said...

Thank you for sharing that poignant poem by the great Lucille Clifton. I discovered Ms. Clifton through her Everett Anderson picture book series. One of the many gifts she has left us.

Color Online said...

Yes she was, Tanita. Thanks.