Friday, February 19, 2010

Color Me Brown Links

Every week you will find Color Me Brown Links.

In honor Black History Month, this week we focus on black women writers. I hope you check out these writers and titles:

Breath, Eyes and Memory reviewed by Ana at things mean a lot.
More than a story about a young girl adapting to a new country, this is a story about the lingering effects of certain events. Of course, in many ways it also is an immigrant story: Sophie’s upbringing in New York distances her enough from her homeland and family that she can see them from a new angle. But this doesn’t mean she stands apart from them, of course.

Angela Davis: An Autobiography reviewed by Akilah at The Englishist
This is an autobiography, but it’s intention is not to describe people and places. It’s not even to provide a clear snapshot of Davis’s transformation into a revolutionary leader. Her assumption is that the reader understands all of that (probably because it was first published in 1974, on the heels of the Black Liberation Movement).

Sugar reviewed by Terri at Brown Girl Speaks
McFadden does an excellent job of exploring morality and judgment through a number of startling back stories involving some of the same women who gossip about Sugar. A real testament to the author's storytelling abilities is the nuanced friendship that blossoms between Pearl and Sugar that allows Pearl to truly begin healing from the loss of her daughter.

After Tupac and D Foster by reviewed by Lu at Regular Rumination
It is a short book, but one that encompasses so many parts of life, from the challenges to the perfect moments. I loved the inclusion of Tupac in this book because it puts it in a precise moment of time, New York in the 90s.


TheEnglishist said...


Seriously, that was my response. I am so reading that book before this year is out.

Sugar sounds super interesting.

Jaydit said...

Have read all the books except AFTER TUPAC.. and the Angela Davis went walkabout a couple of years ago. Damn, i hate when that happens!

I just joined Color Online from WomenSpeak (Shelfari), i guess i'm a NEWBIE...

keep up the good work