Sunday, December 27, 2009

The Sunday Salon: Looking to The New Year

Hello all. Hope everyone enjoyed the holiday or just the time off. It's the close of the year and after reading a few year-end wrap ups or New Year resolutions, I'm not so thrilled about sharing my own version of either. First of all, I can barely remember the day before so trying to put a year into perspective is practically futile for me and since I'm feeling like two tons of fun after eating holiday food, I don't want to talk about my weight issue. Let's move to some non-threatening, non-depressing items like a few changes, questions and requests for feedback here.

Let's start with our book loan program. Do any of you even know about it? No one has taken advantage of it. I cannot accept non-use in 2010. Many of these books are visibly used books so I'm not comfortable putting them in the Prize Bucket but they cannot collect dust. That's not how we roll at Color Online. I will be speaking to staff at the local library about starting a book chat group so there are some options for sharing there but for here, I'm thinking of doing a Color Online Book Swap. Anyone familiar with Like PBS, requesters would request a book but unlike PBS, instead of swapping with a credit, you swap a book for a book or send postage. You send me postage to cover the shipping and I'll send you the book. I'd also extend the choice of book from the Swap stash to prize winners. What do you all think?

We need and I am going to start harassing folks if necessary for guest bloggers. The reality is my life has forever changed since my daughter entered high school and my new job has meant I no longer have online access during the day. This is a community not the "Susan Show" so show up people or I will find you. lol Please, please contact me if you're willing to guest blog.

If you have suggestions or ideas for new features please let me know. What should we keep? What sounded like a good idea but isn't giving us bang for our buck? What would you like to see new? Should I create a poll for this?

There are several reading challenges launching in January. I've already shared with you Women Unbound and let me say, it could use some color. I'm really hoping, asking members of this community to join on some level. There are different levels of participation and the blogosphere needs more brown. Blog brown, people.

In 2010, I'm joining Social Justice, South Asian Authors, The Challenge That Dared Not Speak It's Name (GLBT) and 2010 Young Adult Challenge as well as Women Unbound. Have you participated in reading challenges in the past? Plans for this year? Share your recommendations.

Well, that was less painful than I thought. What about you? Resolutions, goals or challenges for 2010?


Border Jumpers said...

Thanks so much for posting our op-ed "Beyond Band-Aids for Hunger" -- we think your blog is terrific! All our best, Bernie and Dani (aka: borderjumpers)

Gavin said...

Susan, you have taken on so much here. I had completely forgotten about the loan library but would love to read "Children of the Water" by Carleen Brice, and would happily send you some postage. Do you want stamps?

My email is gvngrn (at) earthlink (dot)net. Have a great week.

susan said...

Thanks Bernie and Dani. Glad you came by.

Gavin, I prefer postage stamps. I'll write you.

Vasilly said...

Thanks for highlighting the loan library. I had no idea. I'll definitely have to look through your library and see what to borrow.

I'm signed up for a ton of reading challenges. Have you thought of the art history challenge? Have a great week.

Ali said...

You do so much here and it's all wonderful. Love the way you're pulling together your community to keep this going.

I may take you up on the book swap once I've whittled down my current pile a little.

susan said...

It's your community, too. :-)

Anonymous said...

Oh please don't call me out, lol! I know, you've asked, I've promised and now I'm writing it. I really appreciate all your efforts and everything this blog represents. :)

susan said...

Thank you, Terri. :-)

Mardel said...

I love that you have books to loan out, but I'm always afraid to borrow other people's books. I loan out a book once in a while and get a little frustrated when they come back tattered. Since I have granchildren who love to mess with my books, I'm always afraid if I borrow someone's book either the puppy will get to it (he's a sneaky one) or the grandchildren might get to it.

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