Sunday, November 22, 2009

Sunday Salon: What We Read, Said & Wrote

Hello all. Another week has gone by and today is another day to be grateful. I try to be mindful of how much personal information I share here, and I think I've been doing okay. Today I want to share that I'm in a great mood and a better state of mind because I took time to be still, to meditate, to commune with like-minded folk. I attended Meeting this morning. Some of you know that I am Quaker; I attend what we call silent worship. It's a kind of collective meditation.

After service, I attended a poetry reading and discussion in the living room of our Meeting house. We read Mary Oliver and excerpts from Quaker Faith & Practice. I am an Oliver fan so I couldn't have been happier that I had decided to attend today. Because of my work schedule and limited transportation, I haven't attended service in a very long time and I knew I was due, way overdue. Can anyone relate?

I've been feeling anxious, overwhelmed, tired and just plain bogged down with my daily responsibilities. I've been anxious about my limited online access and my restricted time to read and publish. I've been feeling rushed and busy but accomplishing less than what I want.

Today friends at Meeting welcomed me like family they were glad came home. It's good to go home. I hope when you're here, you feel welcomed, that you are among friends in a community that genuinely cares and supports one another. I miss being here daily, interacting and hearing from you.

While we have had a lighter schedule here, I hope you all are enjoying what we provide. If you haven't already, show some love for Lyn. She's spotlighted in COLA. I hope many more of you will sign up for our Holiday Greeting Card Exchange. Doret's here with a review of One Crazy Summer and I have added Color Me Brown Links. This evening, I'm going to our library to work and later I'll be sharing what we got in the mail. Special thanks to Carol Rasco at RIF for her very generous donation.

Good reading this week. I'll be working on reviews and very confident I'll get a few up this week. I'm currently reading Water For Elephants by Sara Gruen. Finished my second CORA title, Amy Hodgepodge: All Mixed Up by Kim Wayans and Kevin Knotts and finished Keena Ford by Melissa Thompson. Enjoyed Stealing Buddha's Dinner: a memoir by Bich Ming Nguyen.

Stay tuned for our newest, youngest reviewer, Zoraleigh. This young girl has plenty to say. I think you'll enjoy her as much as I do.

How was your week? What good book do you recommend? Happy reading.

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rhapsodyinbooks said...

Don't stress out: everyone is busy this time of year, and blog postings are way down from everybody, not just you!!!