Friday, October 9, 2009

Poetry Friday:Celebrating Hispanic Heritage Month

Demetria Martinez
Author, activist, poet, lecturer and columnist
July 10, 1960-

Poets are citizens first, lucky enough to be literate, and therefore part of a global elite. That brings with it a special responsibility, and that is to help bring forth voices that are silenced.

Read Lisa Alvarado's interview with Ms. Martinez at La Bloga.

"Elena at Five Years"

Elena warms a brown egg
Between her palms, close to her lips,
Cold from a carton,
Chosen from the dozen.

It is the center now of a sphere
Of kitchen towels in a drawer
Next to an Amish cookbook,
Next to the oven's white side.

For three weeks at 3:15
Elena will breathe on that egg
Held between her lifelines
Against her grape-stained lips,
She anticipates the birth
Although brown eggs, her mother says,
Can't hatch.

But at 5, Elena
Has a good ear for heartbeats,
Sidewalk cracks cry
When her tennis shoe touches them,
The lave chips that embroider
The yard have names,
And a brown egg is throbbing
In the cup of her hand.

From Claiming The Spirit Within Edited by Marilyn Sewell. Copyright 1992.

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Melissa said...

What a wonderful, wonderful poem! The creation of an innocent, welcoming, believing, and inclusive-of-others world (they are integral to that world)--one full of possibility. Oh to be 5 again!

laurasalas said...

This is exquisite. Thanks so much for sharing it!