Saturday, October 31, 2009

Color Me Brown Links

Normally Color Me Brown Links run Thursday. Well, my life outside of the wonderful virtual one I love demands I attend to real life responsibilities. Nonetheless, a chica has to do what she has to do to maintain her sanity so I'm posting now for me as much as I am for you.

Please feel free to help me out by forwarding me links to great reviews you think we should showcase. This evening I have:

Circle of Souls at Teens Read and Write. Alyssa is a very cool teen reviewer who regularly reads here and supports what we do. No long after a lament about finding mysteries with poc characters, I found this at Alyssa's blog. Thanks, Alyssa.
This books opens with a grisly murder of a 10 year old girl and sets the reader off on a journey to find out who-dun-it.

Shortly after the killing, child psychologist Dr. Peter Gram meets Naya, a 7 year old whose parents bring her in because they found her sleepwalking...almost right off their balcony.

The Boy Next Door at Genre Reviews. I met Debbie and discovered her blog during our original Color Me Brown Challenge. Debbie has continued to read and be a supportive member here since. Thanks D for sending me a link to your review.
The Boy Next Door is an engrossing novel that starts out as a mystery of sorts (did Ian really do it?) in which curiosity about her neighbor leads to friendship and then love. But it's not an easy love.

Testing the Ice at Great Kid Books. Mary Ann provides a wonderful review.
Sharon Robinson, daughter of famed baseball player Jackie Robinson, wrote this book to teach kids about her father, but she focuses on a personal memory of her childhood to illustrate her father's strength and courage.

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Genre Reviewer said...

Thanks for linking to my "The Boy Next Door" review and for continuing with the Color Me Brown Links. I always look forward to learning about interesting new books through this feature. :)