Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Women Writers of Color Series: Mayra Lazara Dole

Full name: Mayra Lazara Dole

Birth date: December 17th

Birth location: Marianao, Cuba (Havana)

Website/blog: Latina Lesbian lgbtq

Genre: YA Realistic Fiction, YA LGBTQI Realistic Fiction and Latina/o Realistic Fiction

WiP or most recently published work: Down to the Bone, Drum, Chavi, Drum!/¡Toca, Chavi, toca!, Birthday in the Barrio/Cumpleanos en el barrio and four novels in progress (1 MG and 3 YA's).

Writing credits: Down to the Bone was nominated for ALA Best YA Book 2009 and The Rainbow Project. It is an Americas Award Commended Title and made the Tayshas Reading List 2009-2010, Booklist's Top Ten Novels, CCBC Top Choices, and garnered a Starred ALA Booklist review.

How frequently do you update your site? I have a static site of which I constantly add interviews, praises, articles I've written and will now add bloggers of color I visit (I'm trying to figure out if I can add a blog to my site).

Is your site designed for reader interaction? Yes--it has a comment box. I've been looking into opening a new site but the quotes are very high (2,000 and up).

100 words or less how would you describe your work?
I write books in English with entire casts of Latina/o, Afro-Cuban, LGBTQI and straight people of color characters set in my Cuban American community.

100 words on less please share your thoughts on writing and activism:
Even when writing humor, authors can seamlessly inspire and motivate others to read, think, act, become more tolerant and make a profound difference in the world.

Thanks, Mayra. Readers check out Mayra's recent Writers Against Racism interview with Amy Bowllan at School Library Journal.


Ana S. said...

I couldn't agree more with that final paragraph :) Down to the Bone has been on my radar for some time (I believe the first time I heard of it was at Color Online, in fact). I'm very much looking forward to reading it.

Mayra Lazara Dole said...

hola Color Online and all those of you who work behind the scenes. GRACIAS!
Nymeth, hope you get to read my book and enjoy it!

Zetta said...

The latest rave review of DTTB can be found at Neesha Meminger's great blog...

MissA said...

Loving this post, Neesha's review and Down to the Bone (i'm almost done!)
I compltely agree with the "when writing humor" part about authors even using humor to help people become more tolerant and make a difference.
I hope you can add a blog to your site!

Paula said...

Hola Mayra. Must add Down To The Bone to my TBR list!

Mayra Lazara Dole said...

hey guys (er... i mean "girls") thanks for the support! i hope to one day have a blog. : )
Paula, i'm adding two of your books to my list, too.
love ya's!

Anonymous said...

I enjoyed Down To The Bone immensely. Those who haven't read it yet should rush to your nearest bookstore and buy it right now!