Sunday, September 6, 2009

The Sunday Salon: What We Read, Said & Wrote

I can certainly say I'm never bored. Another full week weighed down with fatigue. Seems my entire household is coming down with something. We're all tired, sleepy but not sleeping well, loss of appetite and yesterday I had an episode of feeling cold and clammy then sweating. ((sigh)). So once again I'm playing catch up. Despite the flu-like symptoms (I've never had the flu), I have lots to share with you.

It was a light week for mail but, I'm carrying out a major overall of collections at our library and home: reorganizing prize books shelves, virtual library loan shelf and weeding books from circulation that aren't moving.

Joined a few social networks and tweaked the blog some, lots of new visitors. Welcome. Speak up, don't be a stranger. We're glad to have you. I've finally faced my Facebook intimidation. Glad, too. Now I now I can post quick promos at Facebook and they appear at Twitter as well. Love this. No double posting.

Won't be blog hopping much this week. I have a post to write for Steph Su's Ash celebration, need to write my BBAW posts for the celebration happening very soon, late with my CORA Diversity Roll Call assignment (likely tomorrow, maybe tonight),need to put together a piece for Hispanic Month (Sept.15-Oct.15), my kidlet is beginning high school so I must be ready for any and all drama on that front and have I mentioned I have several books to review, writers to write and a couple of interviews to do and.....

Whew, so on to what happened here. Let's keep this brief:

Do show some love for Mitali Perkins in our COLA feature. For many of us, Mitali is the forerunner, the advocate who was making the clarion call for diversity in literature before the rest of us made are way to platforms to join her.

Check out Toni's review of Cartwheels In A Sari by
Jayanti Tamm and Ana's review of First Part Last by Angela Johnson. Let's talk about bullies. We focus on two works for "What Do I Read Next?": Standing Against The Wind by Traci L. Jones and Jumped by Rita Williams Garcia. We include a list of other titles to round out the theme.

Camile keeps it interesting. This week it's "Sex, Love and Jenga," dealing with the hormone-driven, love dazed teenage boy. Don't forget to check New Crayons. Don't mind me and my pleas. Whenever you're so inclined, do share your crayons with us.

It is ridiculously easy to win books at Color Online. Did you see the list of Color Me Brown winners and have you participated in our quiz yet? Quizzes post every Thursday and Saturday. Two new features coming up. Will keep you waiting for one but the other is "Color Me Brown" Thursday. Beginning this week, I will post links to CMB links I find during my blog hops. I'm thinking once a month, I'm going to randomly give one of these reviewers a free book. Reviewers aren't required to do anything. I'm coming to you; I'll post links to your reviews and then I'm going to offer you a book for doing what you love doing: spotlighting good literature.

It's going to be a full week. Remember to breathe and do read a good book.


rhapsodyinbooks said...

Nice tweeking on the blog!

Hope your family feels better. I must say I have never ever had loss of appetite even when I'm sick! :--) But I've had all the other stuff, and it's not fun. So I'll be sending health thoughts your way!

MissAttitude said...

I've been working to clean up my blog as well!
Hope you and your family feels better soon!
I love the Color Me Brown link and review idea, winning a free book is great motivation! Hopefully we'll start seeing more reviews about peope of color soon :) And I love the blog tweaking that you've done.

Anonymous said...

Hope your all feeling better, we had the dreaded flu hit a few weeks ago, over a third of my partners school were away when it peaked, my daughters school had to get relief teachers for relief teachers as it spread relentlessly.
Good luck with the overhaul, I am hanging out for some time to start some much needed weeding, it is an end of year project for me. Happy blogging

Michelle said...

Hope you're all feeling better very soon! First time here, from Sunday Salon. Wanted to say hello!

Color Online said...

Welcome, Michelle

Thanks for coming by. Will visit you again. I've visited your blog before.

Melissa (Betty and Boo's Mommy) said...

I had "Cartwheels..." from the library, but someone requested it before I could get to it. :( Looking forward to checking out the review.

Hope you feel better, too!