Thursday, June 4, 2009

Shades of Love

Secret Keeper
Mitali Perkins
Random House Children's Books
"...set in India 1970's. Asha's father has lost his job, he heads to NYC in search of new opportunities. Asha, her older sister Reet and mother will go live with their father's brother and his family in Calcutta. Asha is the athlete, Reet is the beautiful one. Asha is continually being put down for being too dark. The sisters don't let how others see them effect their relationship." ~Doret at HappyNappy Bookseller

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Doret said...

I loved Secret Keeper, and I know I didn't do the book justice in my post. There were so many ways to go with it, I didn't know where to begin. But I am really looking forward to reading your review Susan, and I think Ali said she was reading it.

Color Online said...

Thanks for no pressure. lol Seriously, you do fine and you read a helluva lot faster and review more than I do. How many books have I read now thanks to your 'no justice' reviews? You do just fine. I'm going to write, yes. Like you, I read it a week or so ago and the time has sweetened my appreciation. I'll try to write something worth reading soon.