Saturday, May 16, 2009

Calling On Writers & Drop Us A Link


Our blog roll is awfully short in my opinion. If you have a site or know of a site that supports, promotes or otherwise shares our commitment to diversity, please drop us a link. If you don't mind, please share why you're recommending the site.

I'm going to expand the COLA feature to include a blog post in addition to the link in the sidebar.

Lastly, I'm looking for guest or regular contributing columnists for Color Online. I'm stretched too thin and consequently we are not achieving as much as I believe is possible is here. If you're interersted in helping us, drop me an email at I'm looking for contributors to write book reviews, interviews, cultural essays or articles that spotlight idividuals and organizations that are postively supporting youth, promoting diversity or creating spaces that uplift and inspire women of color.


Erica N. Martin said...

I would love to suggest I am the owner of Second Time Media which has established the Detroit Literary Empowerment Gala which is a bi-yearly celebration of individuals that embrace and encourage literacy, diversity and cultural awareness. I can be reached at or 313-263-2711 for more information.

Color Online said...

Hi Erica,Blogger won't update each time your site does, but your site is added. I'll contact you about being a guest writer.

I think it's time to create a separate menu button listing non-blogger sites. Thanks.

Color Online said...

Have you thought about writing for us? Great way to draw more traffic to your individual blog. Drop me a note.