Sunday, May 17, 2009

New Crayons

Thanks to Tanita, we have a New Crayons button! Every Sunday, I will share what books I got in the mail or at the library that celebrates diversity and multiculturalism. I invite you to join us. Let's share what we're reading with one another so we can not only enrich our own reading experiences but inform other readers so they can expand their reading habits, too. Create a post on your blog. Use our button and leave a link here with Mr. Linky. If you have any additional suggestions or questions, let me know. This week I picked up the following:

Cuba 15 by Nancy Osa. May is Latin Book Month. I have picked this book a couple of times and have failed to get to it. That's the problem with having too many good reads at one time. Violet Paz has just turned 15, a pivotal birthday in the eyes of her Cuban grandmother. Fifteen is the age when a girl enters womanhood, traditionally celebrating the occasion with a quinceañero. But while Violet is half Cuban, she’s also half Polish, and more importantly, she feels 100% American.

What did you get?


tanita davis said...

Yay! I was worried it wasn't working for you when you didn't post it. Cuba 15 sounds really good. I'm very jealous of the number of multicultural books you get! I'm a little disappointed by how slim the pickings seem to be in Glasgow, but I'm going to widen my search...

Color Online said...

If you send us two of your books, I will ship to the UK. Look at our prize bucket or my previous posts, pick 2 and I have them, I will mail them to you. It's too costly to ship only one book. If you have someone I can mail to in the US and they can forward it, that works, too.

Your email got buried, but I was lov'n it it when I found it.

Thank you very much,