Monday, June 21, 2010

A Molly Ringwald Ending For A Poor Black Girl

32 Candles by Ernessa T. Carter
Davidia Jones is poor ugly duckling. She lives with Cora (her mother) in a small Mississippi town. No one loves Davidia, Cora never has a kind word. Davidia classmates bully her with the name "monkey night " for her dark complexion.

Its the 80's Davidia loves John Hughes films. Like Celie from the Color Purple, Davidia may be poor, black, she may even be ugly but she still dreams of a Molly Ringwald ending. Sixteen Candles is Davidia's favorite Ringwald film. She thinks she's found her very own Jake Ryan in James Farrell.

After a very bad encounter with Cora, Davidia stops speaking. She goes through life silently taking all the insults. When it becomes too much 15 yr old Davidia leaves Mississippi behind.

I've shown a lot of restraint waiting this long to say I loved 32 Candles. Its ridiculously good. Its my favorite fiction debut of the year. I cared about and loved Davidia from the beginning. Her voice is original and realistic. In the first half of the Davidia Jones is the victim. In the second half, Davie Jones begins to take charge. 32 Candles is sad, funny, smart and entertaining, basically everything a great book should be.

If you've seen Sixteen Candles you must read 32 Candles. If you've read Color Purple (Davidia's favorite books) you must read 32 Candles.


evelyn.n.alfred said...

Well I've seen the movie (more than once) and read The Color Purple, so I'll have to pick this book up too. Is she touring?

MissA said...

I really liked Sixteen Candles (except the Long Duk whatever storyline, that annoyed me) and I love John Hughes movies (even if they are completely white bread), plus I'm impressed by the blurbs and your review of this book.

Saying that it's your favorite debut of the year so far is really saying something. Did it come out today?

Doret said...

Evelyn, yes the author is touring. Her dates are on her blog, sadly she won't be in my area.

Ari - This book is crazy good. The book was released today and already a staff pick.

Sixteen Candles is really good.
I've watch all the John Hughes movies more than a few times.

Pretty in Pink has one of the best scenes in the music shop when Duckie dances and lip sync to Otis Redding's Try a Little tenderness

Julie said...

The books sounds wonderful! Thanks for a great, concise review!

Julie @ Knitting and Sundries

Mardel said...

Hardback or paperback? I love books where the victim stops being a victim.

Doret said...

Julie it is wonderful

Mardel its hardcover and worth the money. And actually if the cashier tries to give you change, you should refuse it, 32 Candles is that good.

Anonymous said...

Now that I've gotten through the edits for my novel I can get back to reading again and this is high on my list. I can't wait to dig in.