Thursday, February 18, 2010

Women Writers of Color: Paula Chase Hyman

This series is designed to introduce you to emerging writers or writers who have established writing credits but aren't given the spotlight they deserve.

I'm honored to re-introduce our first writer, Paula Chase Hyman, YA writer. Paula is part of the team at The Brown Bookshelf responsible for bring us 28 Days Later.

Full name: Paula Chase Hyman
Birth date: September 2
Location: Maryland
Website/blog: Paul Chase Hyman
Genre: Young Adult fiction

WIP or most recently published work:
My most recent is Flipping The Script, the fifth in my Del Rio Bay series. I'm currently working on a novel that explores a fractured mother-daughter relationship between a mixed-race teen and her Korean mother.

Writing credits: My Del Rio Bay series (5 books)
Countless articles for Suite 101 (I used to be their R&B editor years ago) and Liquid Soul, A half dozen articles for Girls Life Magazine.

How frequently do you update your site?
It's tough but I try to blog weekly and keep the events information fresh. When I'm unable to update, it's usually because I'm focused on writing or I'm chronicling things for The Brown Bookshelf.

Is your site designed for reader interaction?
Readers can reach me via email from my website and I do a monthly chat, but otherwise not really.

100 words or less how would you describe your work?
I go where the voices tell me to go. With the Del Rio Bay series, the voices told me to follow a group of friends and watch how they mature while in high school. Right now, they're telling me to share the story of a girl who longs for her mother's love but rarely gets it in any tangible way. Although my writing schedule is more structured than before, my style is still very seat-of-the-pants.

100 words on less please share your thoughts on children and reading:
I wish more adults would give children credit for being able to process fiction. Too often we want to push "educational" reading on them because, I guess some of us have forgotten that any book that provokes thought and emotion can teach a lesson...even when it's not the book's intent.

Paula, thank you for allowing us to promote and support your work. We wish you continued success.


Tea said...

I bet these YA books are so good. I think multicultural YA books are wonderful. Thank you Paula for sharing about yourself and the books.

M. LaVora Perry said...

[I wish more adults would give children credit for being able to process fiction.]

Love this quote, Paula! There is so much we adults can fail to give kids credit for.

Also, I never told you, but my 14 year-old has read "So Not the Drama" twice. I ashamed to say I have picked up the other books in your series' yet--but now I will. I've got an 11 year-old who will eat them up. -L

Kelly said...

Thanks for re-introducing Paula. She's an amazing writer and advocate for children's books that speak to the experiences of kids of color.