Monday, January 18, 2010

TIC News: Bloomsbury Seeks Acquistions

Tongue In Cheek News

TIC News reports Bloomsbury Publishing has released proposed covers of books they seek to acquire:

Hardly noticeable in this reporter's opinion but is it right that the image on the cover doesn't reflect the contents?

When questioned about the proposed cover for Geisha a spokesperson replied that since Tom Cruise became the Last Samurai the restrictions of accurate representations have been in flux, and denied that Bloomsbury is guilty of the industry practice called whitewashing. More on this story as it develops.

Links for your review:

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MissA said...

LOL I love this! I hope it makes people think because it's so pointed and ridiculous. Oh Bloomsbury, you're a failure. *shakes head*

Also, I updated my post if you want to link to that

Jen Robinson said...

This post would be really funny. If it wasn't, you know, not funny...

Anonymous said...

Please let me know if anyone does a fan page to boycott Bloomsbury. I'll be there!

Take best of care my friend!

yuan said...


Oh Bloomsbury. I'm so done with you.

Zetta said...

hahahahahahahaha...ah. If we didn't laugh, we'd cry...

Color Online said...


Can you teach me how to create a page?

Thanks all.

Color Online said...

Thanks to Ari, there is a link at jezebel.

Of course, I chimed in:

I'm Susan aka LaTonya. Someone please tell me when anyone has successfully waged a polite protest? The author has already been harmed and many more will be harmed as long as authors have no decision making power regarding how their book is marketed.

Publishing is a business. They understand a bottom line. Without the money and you get their attention. We wrote letters and we got a pat on the hand and 'one' new cover. If you followed the Liar controversy, you'd know that Bloomsbury never conceded that whitewashing was wrong, that they were guilty of whitewashing or that they would stop the racist practice.

And for all of you speculating how widespread the practice is, really, just go to your local bookstore YA section and compare the number of covers with white models versus PoC. It's a no-brainer. Spend an hour or two cruising the YA teen blogosphere and see how many PoC books are reviewed and promoted. Google or write a writer of color and ask them. This is news only to those of you who enjoy privilege. You didn't notice because you don't have to. That's what it means to have white privilege and before anyone gets a wedgie, I'm not accusing anyone of liking the privilege, I'm not accusing you of condoning the practice and I certainly don't want your sympathy or guilt.

I want allies. I want white readers expressing outrage about a socially, morally, politically wrong practice.

I want white people to stop looking for excuses for abhorrent behavior. Just call it was it is: racist.

Business practices are not handled haphazardly so don't argue the practice is unintentional. Every marketing decision is made based on the probability of profit and marketers and the industry believes readers are indifferent, complicit or simply to lazy to call them on it.

When black folks stopped riding the buses it for damn sure wasn't convenient. And those riders were the most affected. Still they did the right thing. Are you telling me, not buying a book is too big a price for an author to pay?

I don't think so.

Tarie Sabido said...


I'm behind you all the way, Susan. :o)

MaureenHume said...

Bloomsbury makes me want to cry, but you just made me laugh...and laugh :o)

Mama C said...

So now I get it!!! I gave you and this and all of this a shout on my (new) Tuesday's Teachers post on my blog.
When you are back--you are back!
Thank you for the EYE OPENER.

Steve MC said...

That comment you made at Jezebel is damn good. Clear seeing and not swinging wild, but straight and true and hard.

Sandra said...

I laughed my head off the instant I saw the Williams cover. These people will always go with whatever brings in the most money.

Color Online said...

You never knows what gets folks attention. We had 658 hits on Tuesday. WOW!