Thursday, January 21, 2010

Color Me Brown Links

So we get a new cover from Bloomsbury. Do we get an end to an ugly practice? We need to demonstrate that POC titles have wide appeal so blog brown, people. Several months ago we began a challenge to champion reading and blogging brown.

This year, I'm participating in Women Unbound, South Asian Authors, GLBT: The Challenge that Dare Not Speak It's Name, Social Justice and Young Adult Challenge. And thanks to Pam, we have the POC Challenge.

Now for our featured reviews:

Wanting Mor by Rukhsana Khan. I reviewed this title at Black-Eyed Susan's.
Zetta questions why women willingly embrace restrictions placed on them by their religion and culture. Like Zetta, I’m very interested to learn how teen girls would interpret this story. There are great comments and observations at Fledgling. Do check them out.

I read this and like Doret, I see Jameela in the context of her circumstances and culture. I think the writer gives an honest and realistic, and in a modern setting by the way a view of how some Muslim women see themselves.

Ali writes "Best Kept Secrets" at Worducopia. In anticipation of first-time readers here, I'm cheating a bit and featuring links to posts that highlight multiple books. I want to take away the excuse that you don't know how to find good multicultural lit.
When the Black Girl Sings, by Bil Wright*. I loved the backdrop of transracial adoption and music in this one.

Award Winners (children titles) spotlighted at Fledgling. I know, not a review but these are exemplary titles that deserve checking out.
the honor award went to Tanita S. Davis for Mare’s War, which is a story that still lingers in my mind. Fellow WAGW panelist Kekla Magoon won the John Steptoe New Talent Award for The Rock and the River .

What have you read lately? What do you recommend? Send me CMB links at Put CMB on the subject line.

Happy Reading!


Ms. Yingling said...

The real shame is that Bloomsbury doesn't realize how much we need books with characters of color on the cover. Some of my students look and look for people like themselves on the covers of books. Even something like Draper's The Battle of Jericho has a cover that doesn't show a face. All students deserve to see themselves reflected in their book choices.

tanita✿davis said...

This week I found a REALLY NEAT book cover for a SFF book coming out in the U.S. in May. Its author is white South African, but she represents the whole of Africa in this cover. Plus, dogs. Which is totally cosplay or something, but it's cyberpunk, so I won't bother trying to explain it.

But, after such BAD covers, this one intrigues in ALL the best ways.

April (BooksandWine) said...

I wonder if books about Asian-Americans count. I read American Born Chinese by Gene Luen Yang a few days ago, and let me tell you it's AMAZING. And relatively inexpensive for a graphic novel- only 8.99.

Wanting Mor looks fabulous. I find Islam to be fascinating, so I really snap up books pertaining to Islam.

Amanda said...

I love the new POC Challenge! I'm so excited it came out and will have my signup post in the next few days. I'm actually dedicating February to read at least 50% POC books, hopefully more like 75%. :)

Maw Books said...

I just put Wanting Mor on hold at the library. When the ALA awards were first announced I went looking for Mare's War in the library catalog which they didn't have & I was going to ask them to order. Back today and it's on order. I've just put a hold on that one again. Thanks for reminding me to look for it again.

Color Online said...


People of color is inclusive. I realize I'm black but believe me I'd simple say African American if I were concern only with AA lit. The world is full of color. That would include Asian-American. :-)

Color Online said...

I read Born Chinese. I liked it but I've discovered many more graphic novels, each one very different in theme and style.

The Color Heaven

April (BooksandWine) said...

OMG I loved Maus!

I own Persepolis and have to get to that soon.

And I am adding the Color Heaven and Aya to my goodreads at the moment.

Mama C said...

Climbing the Stairs is-thanks to you the next book I am going to read with my 7th graders! We're going to read it in conjunction with American Civil Rights unit they are doing in core classes. Love the suspense, and the female protag's voice. Plus it is coming out in paper in two weeks! (the cover could be so much better speaking of seeing oneself represented...)

Color Online said...

I was going to ask the clothing was accurate for the period. I would have liked a closer view of her.

D.M. SOLIS said...

Dear Ones,

Thanks for all you do. I am a latina blogging about creativity, social justice, and relationships. I wish to list your blog in my "Helpful Blogs and Websites," if that is okay. Either way, again, thank you, peace and all good things for you in creativity and in life.


susan said...


It's more than okay, I'm honored and thanks for commenting. I need to get by your space and I need some recommendations. I need to more Latina in my reading.

Thank you.