Saturday, July 11, 2009

The Sunday Salon

Welcome to The Sunday Salon. Over the weekend stop by to get a recap of the week's postings. Today, is a mix of excitement and annoyance. I'm annoyed because I've misplaced a book. This feels worse than losing money. I know crazy, but still I can't stop thinking about where I put one of my current reads.

The good news is our Summer Madness Giveaway. Nine titles. Super easy to win. How could you not enter?

I'm currently reading Rattlebone by Maxine Claire and I'm undecided about what else I'm going to read because I can't stop thinking about where I lay that other book!

Keeping this brief today. I have too many reviews to write and books to read. Someone tell me how to stay sane, create some balance and remember I'm a one small blip on the radar. Here's a recap of this week:

  • CORA Diversity Roll Call: People of color in Sci-Fi and Fantasy. Do join us. I'm really excited to see what participants share.
Happy reading.

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Vasilly said...

Thanks for the links! I'm going to go and check them all out. Happy reading and good luck with the review writing.