Friday, July 10, 2009

Poetry Friday


A girl wrote a letter on an orange
and placed it on a doorstep.

That day the sky tasted fresh as mint.

from A Maze Me by Naomi Shihab Nye. Greenwillow Books. 2005.

Poetry Friday is hosted this week by Jama at Jama Rattigan's Alphabet Soup.
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jama said...

I love Nye's poetry. Oranges and mint! Yum. :)

Beth Brezenoff, Assistant Editorial Director said...

Gorgeous. Thanks for posting this--I know of Nye but have never read anything by her, and now I'm definitely going to check her out. (And I'll be craving oranges for the rest of the day.)

Melissa said...

So simple, but so powerful! Thank you!

Stella said...

Oh Nye's poetry is always such a treat. What a talented writer she is! Thanks for sharing this treasure!