Saturday, February 11, 2012

Whitney Houston 1963-2012

I was looking forward to writing a few new post for Color Online but not this. And yes its impulsive and not book related but doing it anyway. Still trying to process the news. Information travels so fast now, sometimes I long for days when you could sleep one more night without knowing. Houston's wikipedia page as already been updated. The finality of that makes this all the more real.

Greatest Love of All is my favorite song by Whitney Houston -Something about this song as always touched my heart. When it comes on the radio station that plays hits of the 80, 90's and today I still crank it up. Houston crushed the Bodyguard soundtrack.

Houston was cast in a remake of Sparkle and I only hope that meant she was able hold down her monkeys at least a little and exhale.


Mardel said...

Whitney had an amazing voice and talent. Amazing. There are voices that sometimes just give you chills when you listen - She was one, Cristina Aguilera is for me, Adele... There are singers and then there are the SINGERS.

She definitely was fighting some demons, and even though when you are a star, it comes with money, it also comes with greater temptations. Rest In Peace, Whitney.

Sidne said...

when my husband walked in the drugstore to inform me that our daughter just called him and told him,the entire store of people around us just looked at him and stared. He had to say something to break the silence and shock on our faces.
Love and prayers to the family and may the angel rest in peace.

Jay P said...

She was simply incredible. I find myself watching this clip frequently...

I'm loving the site LaTonya... I miss you =)