Friday, June 3, 2011

Equailty & BookExpo America

Last week BookExpo America or (BEA) was held in NYC. I've heard from a few people who attended this year and in the past that it's not a very diverse conference. Author and educator Zetta Elliott is trying to do something to change that.

Did you attend BookExpo America last week? Did you notice that stepping into the Javits Center was like leaving New York City—trading an incredibly diverse city for an astonishingly white world of publishing professionals? We can do something about that. I just sent an email to the Conference/Education Programming team (you can find their email addresses here). Do you know anyone else who can help us make this happen? If so, please email me or leave a comment and/or reach out to them yourself.

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Amy said...

Very cool, thanks for posting about this!

Doret said...

Thanks and apparently I can't spell. I am going to blame my use of equity instead of equality on the heat. It's crazy hot in Atlanta right now.

LM Preston said...

I was at BEA this year and yes it was rather diverse. Not just in race but in the types of books available as far as traditional pubs, self pubs, small presses and all types of books. I was very impressed and I had a line at my signing that included an extremely diverse crowd of people. I haven't been there in the past, but I know from this particular visit I was not disappointed one bit.

Doret said...

LM that's great to hear. Thank you. Glad you had a good experience at your first BEA and Congrats on the line.