Tuesday, June 7, 2011

BookSignings; Ereaders, Mass Market Filled Duffel Bag and More

I am very excited to be going to Tayari Jones booksigning for Silver Sparrow tomorrow night. I will be leaving my ereader at home. For some reason it doesn't seem right to bring an ereader to a signing. Even if someone is buying the book to be signed and reading something else. Plus part of the fun is taking a peak at what other fans are reading and talking books.

Sheela Chari wrote a wonderful middle grade debut called Vanished that comes out in August. The book has a great cover but since I read the egalley, I couldn't show it off. And I really wanted to because the book was just so much fun. I hate not being able to show a books cover. If there's ever a time to show off covers its at a booksigning, so I will be leaving my ereader at home.

As a former bookseller one my big pet peeves is buying a book to be signed somewhere else, and not supporting the store that's hosting the event. That's just tacky. A lot of work goes into putting events together. Also it wasn't the other bookstore, amazon or walmart that made it possible for you to meet an author you like

I've never understood why some fans bring a duffel bag of mass markets to be signed.
The good authors love that you love their work and truly appreciate that you've been a fan for so long. The good authors are also too kind to say anything about the mass market filled duffel bags. So I am going to say it for them. A duffel bag is serious over kill. Please consider the authors wrist and the other fans.

If you ask an author more then two questions about getting published you need to support them and buy their book. If you can't afford the book don't ask more then two questions. The author is not there to field questions about getting published, they are their to sell their book.

One great booksigning accessory is a totebag. I will probably be using my Algonquin tote since they published Silver Sparrow.

Jones was kind enough to do the Women Writers of Color interview with Color Online. I can't wait to meet the author.


Sidne said...

well that makes two of us. When i host book signings i dare my people to even bring another book other than the one the author is signing for. Tacky Folks. just before my book signing start i always give the 'housekeeping ' rules. if they did bring another book to be signed it will only be signed with the purchase of the book being promoted. and i'm sitting or standing right next to the author. that is really a peeve of mine, lol. i got to get this book, it has had some buzz

Karen Strong said...

I'm so excited about the book signing tomorrow. It's going to be great! :)

Doret said...

Sidne - A lot of author of rules but no one should have to be told not to bring a lot of back stock to be signed.

Karen - Me too, I've been to a few signings at the Decatur library and enjoyed all of them . Hopefully we will get a chance to meet. I plan on getting there around little after 6:30