Sunday, May 29, 2011

New Crayons

Happy Memorial Day for tomorrow and hope everyone enjoys the extended weekend. Kids are finishing up their school year so, let's make sure we get lots of books in their hands to keep them engaged throughout the summer. Without further ado, here are some new crayons.


Superdaddies Series by Anita Tamara Gibbs
Fathers sometimes get a bad rap. Not all of them are 'deadbeats', and many really do attempt to serve and nurture their children in the way that it was intended. Superdaddies; The Series, touches on many situations from everyday/custodial weekend activities, to normal life experiences. The families' adventures are the same that most ordinary families would experience across racial and socioeconomic lines. "Daddy I broke my Snowball" is the first book of the series that discusses the relationship between a father and his daughters on one of their weekend visits together. This winter visit enables a bonding experience with the girls, the snow, and a 'Snow-woman"

'Daddy, I Can Read It For You' is the sophomore book of the 'Superdaddies the Series' children's book series. This story depicts a middle aged divorced father of two who has a very 'special' relationship with his gifted son, and precocious 'tween daughter. This "Superdaddy' did not attend college and only went to school through the eighth grade. He values healthy eating and their favorite but healthy guilty pleasure happens to be sweet potato dishes from "Sweet PotatoHeads". 'Sweet Potatoheads', is a fictional restaurant that serves many varieties of prepared sweet potatoes, and is a place they visit often. He 'discovers' the computer and with a little discussion on Nano-technology, and some new and diffferent summer activities for his children, they all DARE TO DREAM. The father, a carpenter who in the past had been very stubborn and content with his menial education, found himself vulnerable when the need finally came to learn how to use a computer and the Internet. Despite many years of resistance and requests from his growing children, he finally learn. This Superdaddy allowed his children to teach HIM...

Kevin and His Dad by Irene Small

A simple, graceful text and illustrations infused with warmth and love make this story of a day a boy and his dad spend together a special reading experience. Young boys and their fathers will relish this book that celebrates the ordinary things dads and kids can do together. 


Drop by Mat Johnson

Chris Jones has a gift for creating desire-a result of his own passionate desire to be anywhere but where he is, to be anyone but himself. Sick of the constraints of his black working-class town, he uses his knack for creating effective ad campaigns to land a dream job in London. But life soon takes a turn for the worse, and Chris finds himself back in Philly where his only job prospect is answering the phones at the electric company. Surounded by the down-and-out, Chris hits rock bottom. Only a stroke of inspiration and faith can get him back on his feet.

The funny and heartfelt tale of a young black man who, in the process of trying to break free from the city he dispises, comes to terms with himself.

Liliane by Ntozake Shange

Through the polyphonic voices of Liliane Lincoln's childhood friends, lovers, and conversations with her psychoanalyst, Ntozake Shange weaves the life of a remarkable young woman. Liliane Lincoln is an artist who exposes what she knows of herself to the world through her bold and colorful artwork. Gradually, however, Liliane realizes that in order to survive, she must come to terms with what she has kept hidden even from herself. Liliane is extraordinary vision of a woman learning to be who she really is.

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