Saturday, February 26, 2011

Try to Win a Book; Though You Probably Won't

I've always loved reading mysteries. Earlier this year, I really wanted to read a mystery by an author of color. So I walked through the section, several times in hopes of finding something. Nada.

I've been working at a bookstore for nearly 10 years, and I am very familiar with a lot of mystery authors, even the ones I don't read. Of the male authors of color published through traditional means within the US, most are imports. I like reading novels by authors from other countries but what about some home grown talent. Walter Mosley and Stephen Carter are the only two best selling authors of color I can think of in the last few years. Has there ever been a best selling female author of color mystery author? Maybe Valerie Wilson Wesley.

Since 2009, I've only read four mysteries written by female authors of color.

There's are always discussions about the lack of author of colors writing science fiction/fantasy. But never about the lack of diversity amongst mystery authors. Why is that?

I am going to throw down a challenge gauntlet, the first person to answer correctly will win any book of their choice by a female author of color up to a $25 value.

The Challenge - name 10 female authors of color that have written mysteries published within the U.S. through traditional* means since 2009

I know this is very hard, so to be nice I will also accept authors who have mysteries scheduled to come out this year.

Though I am pretty sure, I won't have to pay out I am not that cocky, so this is open to U.S. residents only, until March 2.

*authors can not be self published. For those that took the time to read the small print. I will give two hints. One author 's title was recently featured here and another was reviewed here


Zetta said...

I couldn't even get to two! But Paula Woods writes mysteries, I think:


Anonymous said...

1. Angela Henry Paris Secret

2. From your link: 95. Sweet Mary
by Liz Balmaseda

3. Angela Choi Hello Kitty Must Die

4. Diane Wei Lang - Paper Butterfly (A Mei Wang Mystery)

5. Naomi Hirahara - Blood Hina

6.Claudia May Burney Deadly Charm

7. Death at Solstice: A Gloria Damasco Mystery- Lucha Corpi

8. Bloody Twist by Carolina Garcia-Aguilera

9. 2009's Hit List: The Best of Latino Mystery and Indian Country Noir by Sarah Cortez (Author and Editor) and Liz Martinez (Editor) More on the people in the Latino Hitlist

10.Black Water Rising by Attica Locke

Doret said...

unusualmusic I will accept all but the first one. Since its only out in ebook format, and that's still not a tradiontional means of publishing.

But if give me just one more title, I'll need your address to send your prize.

Doret said...

After sleeping on it I can will accept number 9 since its a since collection and everything I've referenced has been to novels

From the Mosley and Carter, to Choi and Balmaseda

Anonymous said...

So you are saying that you won't accept no. 9 and no. 1 yes?

Anonymous said...

Kayla Perrin Spring Break

Mary Wilbon One Last Kiss

Lots of thanks to Myst Noir for saving me!

Doret said...

unusualmusic send me your info, including the book you want.,

Congratulations and thanks for putting Naomi Hina on my radar

Anonymous said...

thank you!

Anonymous said...

thank you!