Monday, December 6, 2010

Leaving Atlanta - The Film

On October 29th Independent filmmakers Aletha Spann and Karon Om Vereen, started a kickstarter campaign to help get Tayari Jones novel Leaving Atlanta turned into a movie.

OUR MISSION: Make an evocative film through beautiful cinematography and engaging storytelling. We are on the verge of seeing years of dedication and determination pay off. Your support can help make that happen. We are producing a short film based on our script to help showcase the project for potential studios, production companies, financiers, etc. that are interested in helping move it further to the big screen.

Check out the great trailer*

The kickstarter campaign has 12 days to go. There's still time to make a pledge

* note to self, finally read Leaving Atlanta


Barbara Albin said...

I am happy to be a 'very little' part of helping this film along by participating in the Kickstarter Campaign. Tayari's book is so wonderfully written from the viewpoint of the children.

Doret said...

Hi Barbara.

I have no excuse for not having already read Leaving Atlanta.

@ Leavingatlantathemovie.

I saw your name under Were Making A Movie has one of the supporters

Unknown said...

Our sincerest thank you for believing in our project enough to mention us! Tayari Jones is an excellent writer. Her approach to telling this coming-of-age drama is unique and not about gore- think of the film Stand By Me, almost. Told from three different perspectives of black youths during this time, we get to see what life was like for them personally as well as a glimpse of how life changed because of the Atlanta child murders. Tayari's story must be told!

~The Leaving Atlanta Team