Thursday, October 7, 2010

This Week's Colorful Links

Color Me Brown is a feature in which the staff at Color Online shares some of their favorite links from the week. It could be an interview, review, discussion post, etc. It usually has something to do with race or literature or both. Share your own CMB links in the comments!

28 Days Later has started! This is run by The Brown Bookshelf and nominations are from Sept. 30-Oct. 31. This is a great campaign. Each day features a fabulous interview plus an opportunity to win some books ;)

During the twenty-eight days of Black History Month, we’ll profile a different children’s or young adult author and children’s illustrator. On March 1st, we’ll announce the winner(s) of books donated by our featured authors.

We need your help. We’re looking for the best new and unnoticed works by African-American authors. From picture books to novels, books fresh off the presses to those that have lurked in the background unsung for months or years–whatever books you like, we want to know. We’re specifically looking for new books and books that have “flown under the radar,” that are children’s or Young Adult written by an African-American author published by a traditional publisher for the trade market.

Mitali Perkins recaps a panel on Selling Color in a White World

Next came Karen Lotz, President and Publisher of Candlewick. "We feel relatively free from the pressure of gatekeepers," she said. "We're a creatively-led house."

She shared a story about Kareen Abdul Jabbar, who asked to meet with her at a recent BEA. The legendary basketball player came with one request: please package books for and about black kids with the same bling as books for the mainstream. Candlewick makes it a point to comply.

Elizabeth raised the elephant-in-the-room question: do covers featuring people of color hinder sales in mostly-white communities?

When it comes to cover decisions, Candlewick goes through a collaborative cycle that provides input to designers who have read the book mindfully and thoroughly.

It's time for the Cybils! (Children and Young Adult Bloggers Literary Awards). Nominations are open till October 15th, let's try and get some color in all the categories! Nominate (read the rules first!)

Heather interviews Mitali Perkins about her latest YA novel, Bamboo People

HZ] Your world really came alive as your wrote it. Is there anything from Burma or Thailand you can share with us? Anything that can bring this wonderful world closer to our own door? :)

[Mitali] My good friend who has lived and worked with the Karenni shared a beautiful tradition with me. When a friend or family member is about to leave on a journey, the community gathers and blesses the person by tying white strings around his or her wrist. Maybe we should tie white strings around our wrists for a day in honor of these suffering people. What do you think?

And don't forget, October is LBT History Month! (Thank you Lee Wind for the reminder)

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