Saturday, September 4, 2010

The New Look & My Favorite CO Feature

So what do you think of Color Online's new look? I love it. Thanks Susan. The colors go great together. A white back drop is very readable and the blog is still easy to search. Which is a very good thing, since there's a lot to find at Color Online. My favorite CO feature is Women Writers of Color As you know this blog focuses on women writers of color. WWOC is simply another way for us to help promote authors. I love a good review, but there's something special about hearing the authors words. I have been inclined to read a book because of an interview. If you browse a few of the WWOC features, the authors give great answers.

I want CO to do as many WWOC as possible but its difficult finding authors. Some authors don't have an online presence, others don't want to be featured. A few months back I sent out about five inquires. I heard back from one author. I don't have the most professional email. (happynappybookseller) So there's a good chance I end up in spam folder or deleted a lot.

Also maybe I am looking in the wrong places but I am having a really hard time finding not so well known female authors of color to feature. Island Beneath the Sea by Isabel Allende is in my reading queue. (I've heard great things) I will post a review of Getting to Happy by Terry McMillan this week. (I really enjoyed it) Allende and McMillan are established authors. A review and discussing their newest releases should be enough to get people to go out and buy their books. (at least I hope so)

I think all the CO contributors are stumped for new authors to feature. So on behalf of all us I am asking what female authors of color would you liked featured. A few guidelines

1. The author should have a new book out. Will also consider an author who released a great book last year but it got no love.
2. Author must be not so well known.
3. I want wwoc to be as diverse as it can be. So if you notice many people suggesting authors of one race, if you can please suggest an author of another race.

Looking forward to seeing what if any authors are named. If nothing else I'll at least discover a few new authors to check out.


Vasilly said...

Doret, I was wondering why does an author need to have a new book out to be featured? I'm noticing that a lot of bloggers online are starting to review more backlist books than new releases. I have the new Allende book on my TBR list. Have you heard of Helen Oyeyemi? She's a British writer who was born in Nigeria. She has several books out including White is for Witching, which was just published last year. I haven't read her work yet but she is on my list.

Tomorrow in the New York Times there will be a book review about a book called The Warmth of Other Suns. It's by Isabel Wilkerson. I don't know the author's race though.

rhapsodyinbooks said...

I agree with Vasily. I don't think new books are necessary. So many people are unfamiliar with authors of color who cares if it is a backlist book? is my philosophy...

hitman13 said...

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Doret said...

Two votes for backlists. I am rethinking the need for authors to have a new release out. I need to stop assuming people know about these authors.

Plus with a lot of readers using ereaders and the library, featuring authors with backlist titles can be a very good thing.

Vasilly - I have heard of Helen Oyeyemi but I haven't read her.

I don't read enough African authors, and I don't know why because what I read I always really like.

Color Online said...

Great idea. Maybe it would help if we have a staff email that is professional? Gmail seems to be a good choice. Will create it and send it to staff.

I agree, let's not focus solely on new authors. It's a long weekend so I'll get the email and a communication out soon. Thanks, D.