Sunday, May 16, 2010

Sunday Salon: A Garden of Our Own

Today’s salon is about what are we doing to be healthy and happy. At forty-five, my body no longer tolerates abuse: not enough sleep, poor diet and running around as if I could go 24/7. Today, I have allergies. I suffer sinus headaches that come close to what I know about migraines. I have low iron, I’m at-risk for diabetes and more than thirty pounds overweight. After years of overuse of antibiotics, my natural bacteria are out of whack and I am prone to yeast infections.

Okay, not an ideal segue but our query is about taking caring our bodies and emotional health. Are you committed to living a healthy lifestyle? What does your diet look like? Are you currently dealing with any health challenges? How do you care for your emotional and mental health? Do you meditate, pray, practice yoga, take long walks or listen to ocean sounds? Have you recently made changes to take better care of you? What can you share with us that have helped you live a healthier, saner life?

I’m currently participating in a 12-week weight loss challenge. Each week we have an exercise, lifestyle and food challenge. The weight is coming off slowly and I mean very little. According to nutritionists, given my age, activity level and metabolism, I’m losing at a healthy rate. I’ve worked my way up to exercising 5-6 days a week. I read food labels and I’ve improved significantly in eating only the recommended serving amount.

Regarding my emotional health, well that’s different. I’m in Michigan. I know more people unemployed than employed. Among those of us employed, we’re underemployed. My family has been affected economically and with a teen at home, I can’t stop thinking about how we will meet our needs. And then there is the matter of routine and my role as a mom, spouse, friend and blogger. Like getting too fat for my clothes, nothing fits. I am uncomfortable.

Today I am here though trying to create a life that is simpler and fulfilling. What are you growing today?


MissA said...

I need to start working out again. I ended up not doing track this year and not doing two sports is not good because I slack off. Eating healthy is so hard so I really admire you for sticking to it!

Helen's Book Blog said...

For someone who is a go-getter I am really lazy when it comes to exercise. I trained last year for a breast cancer walk, lost a bunch of weight, then stopped walking. Guess what? The wait (plus a bit more) is back. Ick. I must get walking!

Deb Nance at Readerbuzz said...

I know this sounds small, but it seems to be all I can manage at the moment consistently. I walk one day a week. I use the Moment of Silence at school each morning to pray silently. And I try to limit sweets and maximize veggies.