Sunday, May 23, 2010

A San Fransisco Sleuth

Vows Vendetta & A Little Black Dress by Kyra Davis

Sophie Katz is a mystery author living in San Fransisco. She can easily find trouble and would be killers. Sophie is also very observant making for a great accidental sleuth. Sophie is celebrating the engagement of her friend Maryanne when her best friend, Dena (Maryanne's cousin) is shot. She is determined to find the person responsible. Sophie's secretive and sexy P.I. boyfriend Anatoly has agreed to help. This is the fifth Sophie Katz novel and my favorite. I loved the dialogue and banter between Sophie and her small circle of friends, who have been with her since Sex Murder and A Double Latte. Through their conversations it easy to feel the history of their friendships.

This book is some serious fun and joy. I laughed a lot. One scene in a park had me laughing so hard it hurt. I tortured myself by reading it again. Sophie is worried about are best friend, Dena's recovery so its not all laughter.

" I shook my head fiercely. I couldn't repeat it again. The words were like small fish bones scratching against my throat"

There are a few suspects to keep things interesting. Though, when the shooter is revealed it read a little flat. The author gave so much before that moment, I didn't bother me. It picks up again when the shooter is caught.

I highly recommend the Sophie Katz novels, they are laugh out loud funny and entertaining. Vows Vendetta & A Little Black Dress works very well as a stand alone. It would be a great addition for bridesmaid's gift bags.


Tea said...

I would love to read this one. I swallowed a fish bone once in my life. I was little. I'lll never forget it. Good review.

MissAttitude said...

@Tea-That's awful *shudders*

This book sounds really cute. I was just thinking about the lack of mysteries with POC and how Doret always seems to find the few that are out there, so thank you :)

Doret said...

Tea - Fish bones are very scary. But its a fear one doesn't think about often, that's why I like that line so much.

Ari- I believe this is the only fun mystery that features a biracial protagonist. Sophie Katz is Black and Jewish.