Saturday, April 3, 2010

We've Got Books: Book Prize Winners Announced!


I am pleased to announce March book prize winners:

Big Book of Soul Giveaway- Falon
Diversity Roll Call- Katy @ A Few More Pages
Women Unbound- Bonnie @ Bonnie's Books
POC- April @ Good Books & Wine
Color Me Brown- Laura @ Reading and Rooibos
Quiz- Anishinaabekwe @ Anishinaabekwe
Sunday Salon- Steph Su @ Steph Su
New Crayons- Ari @ Reading in Color

Recap on how to win books at Color Online
Participate in CORA Diversity Roll Call. Each month, we will draw a name randomly to win a book from our Prize Bucket. We run a new assignment roughly every two weeks, here or at Worducopia. Join us. It's fun and the exercise introduces participants to new reads and different perspectives on our reading habits.

Participate in Women Unbound. I'd love to see more women of color reviews. Join us. Once a month I draw a name.

The POC Challenge. Color Online is a sponsor. Post a link to your review of a POC title and you're entered.

Color Online Quiz. Every month we try to post four quizzes. Random monthly drawing.

Color Me Brown- Read and blog brown. I'm always looking and then sharing links to your reviews. Completely random. Do what you do and you might win a book.

Every week I post a query for Sunday Salon and we share what new books we have in our New Crayons post. Comment to Sunday Salon or write a New Crayons post on your blog and you'll be entered in a monthly drawing.

We are committed to connecting readers with great literature. If you want to donate books to schools or Color Online, check our contact page. When we get requests or I hear about a school/program looking for books, I send them.

If you don't have books, send me $1 stamps. We don't have a fund. We have you and me, a sister with more passion than cents.

Unclaimed prizes
Holiday winners- Cassy, Mardel, Gavin, Laura and Catherine
Quiz- Elizabeth at LJ (Feb)
Roll Call- Puss Boots (Feb)
Color Me Brown review- Charlotte
Women Unbound- Melissa (Jan) Angela (Feb)

Winners, please contact me. I need your book choices and snail addresses.


Bonnie Jacobs said...

I looked at the Prize Bucket and noticed a book about Tennessee, my state: A Page From a Tennessee Journal by Francine Thomas Howard. How about that one?

How do I send you my snail mail address? Oh, I see this email address under Contact Us: cora_litgroup AT yahoo DOT com

I'll send an email there. My email address is: emerging DOT paradigm AT yahoo DOT com

~~~ Bonnie

Color Online said...

I'm updating the Prize Bucket today.

Gerbera Daisy Mom said...

I think I'm a winner from Jan!! A little late noticing!

I would love:
A Page From a Tennessee Journal by Francine Thomas Howard


Anonymous said...

I'm tickled! :) I'll send you an email with my selection. Thank you so much!