Saturday, March 13, 2010

Women Writers of Color: Dorina Lazo Gilmore

Full name: Dorina Kailani Lazo Gilmore

Birth date: 05.01.1977

Hometown: Chicago, Illinois

Current location: Fresno, California


Children's picture book

WiP or most recently published work: Cora Cooks Pancit (Shen's Books)

Writing credits:
My most recent children's book is Cora Cooks Pancit (Shen's Books). My poem "City Jazz" was just published in the February 2010 issue of Cricket Magazine. I also have two other picture books, including Children of the San Joaquin Valley and A Stone in the Soup: A Hmong Girl's Journey to the United States (Poppy Lane Publishing). I was the editor and a contributing poet for the anthology, Mosaic Voices: A Spectrum of Central Valley Poets (Poppy Lane Publishing). I am a frequent blogger and freelance writer for various magazines. Before I became a mother, I worked in journalism and was published in The Fresno Bee, The Arizona Republic, The Chicago Tribune and other publications.

How frequently do you update your site?
I update my Health-full blog weekly. It's a place where my husband and I write about food, nutrition, exercise. I also share my original recipes on that blog.

Is your site designed for reader interaction?
Yes, we encourage comments, questions and feedback from our readers.

Post of note, something in particular you want readers to check out:
My husband and I are also involved in connecting resources with Haiti. We would love more people to know about our non-profit and to join us as we send relief to our dear Haitian friends since the January 2010 earthquake.

100 words or less: How would you describe your work?
My writing is decidedly multicultural. I am fascinated by the nuances of culture as represented through music, food, stories and dance. I grew up in a multicultural family and I believe there is a need for today’s young reader to have more exposure to multicultural stories and books with multi-ethnic protagonists. My writing, in both poetry and prose, seeks to illuminate a new face and give voice to a different storyteller.

100 words or less: Please share your thoughts on children and reading.
Every day I sit down with my two daughters (and sometimes more children) to read. It's my favorite time of the day as we explore the world together through stories. My mother always read to me and recited poetry. She inspired me with her love for good books and the way she made the words come alive. Books are a place where children can actively learn to interpret the world and understand it. I believe it is imperative that we work together to produce and promote more multicultural books for children so they can find themselves in books.


Jessie Carty said...

terrific interview i love your positive attitude and i look forward to taking a look at your blog :)

susan said...

My coworker shared Cora Cooks Pancit with her daughters more than a week ago and at that time, she said they insisted she read it every night!