Saturday, February 27, 2010

Commercial Break: Free Books!


I want take a moment to reiterate our commitment to connecting readers with books so this is a reminder about how to get free books from Color Online:

Participate in CORA Diversity Roll Call. Each month, we will draw a name randomly to win a book from our Prize Bucket. Participation is down and this bothers me. We run a new assignment roughly every two weeks, here or at Worducopia. Join us. It's fun and the exercise introduces participants to new reads and different perspectives on our reading habits.

Participate in Women Unbound. Great challenge and aren't we about women? I have not been shy. I'd like to color up the challenge. Join us. Once a month I draw a name.

The POC Challenge. Color Online is a sponsor. This is really simply. You review a POC title then post your link at the challenge. No count requirement. Post and bounce. How easy does it have to be?

Color Online Quiz. Every month we try to post four quizzes. Random monthly drawing.

Every week I post a query for Sunday Salon and we share what new books we have in our New Crayons post. Starting this week, if you comment to Sunday Salon or you post a New Crayons post on your blog, you'll be entered in a monthly drawing.

We also host giveaways. Stay tune for some wonderful giveaways in March for Women's History Month.

Deadline for A Wish After Midnight giveaway is Sunday.

Life is crazy busy for most of us. I don't always post four quizzes and sometimes I don't announce all winners but I am very serious about redistributing books. Our review policy says we connect readers with books. We honor that commitment.

Today I'm updating the Prize Bucket and the Book Loan page.

If you want to donate books to schools or Color Online, check our contact page. When we get requests or I hear about a school/program looking for books, I send them.

If you don't have books, send me $1 stamps. We don't have a fund. We have you and me, a sister with more passion than cents.

We all do what we can and my part includes shipping books. Special thanks to Barb who sent me a book of stamps. I'm off to the post office today.

Monthly Winners:

Quiz- Elizabeth (sanguinty)
Roll Call- Puss Boots
Color Me Brown review- Charlotte
Women Unbound- Melissa (Jan) Angela (Feb)

Happy reading,