Thursday, January 28, 2010

Chromatic Casting meme

Due to the lovely Zetta Elliott* linking me, I'm now aware that there's a Chromatic Casting meme going on in the media fandom blogsphere. I've been looking at these posts and they are making me super-duper happy, especially once there started to be Chromatic Casting for popular books, because I think every reader is familiar with the idea that a lot of written text has a white-as-default within them, and I think this Chromatic Casting meme is a fun way of challenging this white default.

That being said, I'd like to invite all YA bloggers to participate in the Chromatic Casting meme. Why YA bloggers? Well, um, YA is kinda my baby and beloved genre, the one genre I always give special attention to when I'm in the library and bookshopping, and a lot of my muses for this Chromatic Casting meme are all for YA Novels. And, you know, because it's more fun to do this kind of stuff with more than one person, I'd LOVE it if YA bloggers wish to join in on this meme. (Come onnnnnnn do this with me!! IT'LL BE FUN *_______*)

BUT ENOUGH TALKING. Let's get to the good stuff. Links to books that got the Chromatic Casting Meme treatment, behold~

Chromatic!Harry Potter by such_heights
Chromatic!Chronicles of Narnia by dhobikikutti
Chromatic!Illiad, Bollywood-style by toujour_nigel
Chromatic!Lord of the Rings by heather11483
Chromatic!Discworld by innerbrat

Links to other Chromatic Casting Memes can be found here

And because I never do things like this without participating myself, two things:

1) Chromatic!Ash, jdrama-style - While this was done without knowing that this meme was going on, I did it in similar spirits. =D

2) Chromatic!Demon's Lexicon

Vic Chou as Nick

JJ Lin as Alan

Dana Davis as Mae

Daniel Anthony as Jamie

May or may not ETA this with REASONS behind the casting choices. Also, I'm fully aware that I just skipped out on casting all the secondary characters, lol. *got lazy* So here is where I invite readers to think up of their own Chromatic Casting for the rest of the Demon's Lexicon characters. In the meantime I have some ideas for Graceling and Hunger Games Chromatic Casting that I'll be musing over.

*Read her novel A Wish After Midnight!! Reaaaaaaaaad iiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiit!!


Anonymous said...

I love this meme! I'll be thinking about this too...

Neesha Meminger said...

OMG, this is SOOOOO fun!!! Will think about my own casting ideas...

Kelly said...

Zetta's book is on my must-read list. I can't wait to dig in. Thanks so much for supporting her work. She's amazing. You are too.

Casting meme is really cool. I mostly know PBs, but I'll think about it too.

Jessie Carty said...

those are fun! i think my favorite was the harry potter one :)

Zetta said...

thanks for the shout out, Ah Yuan! These are so fun--and I'm ashamed to say that most of these young actors of color are new to me. Would be great to see more of them on the big screen...(and in books!)

Jeannine said...

This was so cool. I loved Harry Potter. Wish they could actually make a movie with those beautiful faces.