Saturday, January 2, 2010

Mama Lockdown: Recognition for Black Literature Beyond Historical

Mama Lockdown: Recognition for Black Literature Beyond Historical

Community, join this discussion regarding Cybils' finalists shortlist. It is not enough to complain. We need dialogue and then action so weigh in.

In 2010, let's commit to promoting, supporting and nominating books by people of color so all readers are aware of the diversity available to them.

Also check out Doret's response to the Cybils' list at Happy Nappy Bookseller.


susan said...

Where are you? The discussion quite lively at BES. Speak up. Be heard.

MissAttitude said...

40 comments is pretty good! I'm off to go join in again :)

susan said...

Ari, we are doing well. I was inviting regular readers from here. Many like to read but I'm trying to coax them to share.

Mardel said...

I'm so sorry, I don't know what or where BES is. Would you post a link here? I'd love the check out the discussion.

Doret said...

Thanks for the link Susan, I could use some of your Shine -

I went out for a little came back and there were 44 comments not to bad.

At least people are aware. That is the first step

susan said...

Hi Mardel,
The link is next to the image. Just click. :-)

Grew quite nicely. One more wave. Another increment as Neesha says.