Sunday, December 13, 2009

Sunday Salon: The Gift of Reading, Color Online's Holiday Giveaway

In my recent CORA Diversity Roll Call post, I shared that I always give my daughters books for Christmas. You all know my commitment to literacy, supporting educators and how strongly I feel about getting books into the hands of readers.

Today’s Sunday Salon is about giving. I have six children’s books to donate to school libraries or classrooms. If you’d like one of these books, please comment here with your preference and the name of your school. I’ll do a random drawing. It’s hectic right now and schools will be on break so all books will ship after Christmas. The following titles are available:

Shining Star: The Anna May Wong Story by Paula Yoo illustrated by Lin Wang

In Her Hands: The Story of Sculptor Augusta Savage by Alan Schroeder, illustrated by Ja Me Bereal

Sacred Mountain: Everest by Christine Taylor-Butler

As Good As Anybody: Martin Luther King Jr. and Abraham Joshua

Hersel’s Amazing March Toward Freedom
by Richard Michelson illustrated by Raul Colon

John Coltrane’s Giant Step by Chris Raschka

Testing The Ice by Sharon Robinson illustrated by Kadir Nelson

Our review policy states all books are redistributed. I mean what I say.

If you are an author and would like to donate your book, contact me and I’ll add it to the list.

Deadline to request book is December 31st. All books will ship after the first week of January.

I would like to ask that all recipients, if possible, please publish a review of the title on your blog or grant me permission to publish your review at Color Online.
Happy Holidays and happy reading,


Cassy said...

Hello! I am very much interested in *Sacred Mountain-Everest* but would love to win ANY of the books offered here. I'm a 4th gr bilingual ed teacher with a mission to take my kids to all parts of the world! :) Thanks for the opportunity...

Color Online said...

Thanks for entering, Cassy.

Good luck.

Mardel said...

This would be so wonderful. We are an art charter school. I would love to have In Her Hands.

The name of my school is Santa Rosa Charter School for the Arts. It's a very long name for a pretty small school (population 250).

Thanks for the chance at this book.

Color Online said...


Glad you're in. Did you get your other book?

Gavin said...

I would love a copy of "In Her Hands" or "As Good As Anybody" for the elementary library at Pacific Crest School. Thanks for the opportunity to win a book!

Anonymous said...

I would love any of these books. I am a new teachers and I need books for my classroom. Anything would be great! :)

bj neary said...

Hi Susan, I would love to have and review any book you want to give. Even though I am a high school librarian, we have life skills students, reluctant readers and picture books have a special place in our library. Thanks!

susan said...

Still time.

Happy Holidays!

Color Online said...


I need an email address for you.

Anonymous said...

my email is ... .Sorry thought I put it Laura B.

mamacandtheboys said...

I would love 'As Good as Anybody" tohelp build backgorund knowledge with my 6th and 7th graders about the Civil Rightrs Movement. I work at a middle school in Maine!